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By: Linear Energy  09-12-2011
Keywords: energy management


In order to accurately determine the potential prospects for an energy management program. Linear Energy will first perform a site audit and inspection.  This initial inspection will provide a detailed analysis of the property's current water usage by examining existing water/sewer records.  In addition, it will also enable us to establish the accuracy of the water meters, a crucial component to the efficiency and effectiveness of a successful program.

On going Monitoring of Performance

LINEAR will perform subsequent monitoring and analysis of water billing data at regular intervals over the course of (1) year from the completion date of the project in order to record the effectiveness of the energy-efficient products installed.

This service will ascertain actual water savings by making a comparison between the initial and post-audit results and is provided as a follow-up service to ensure continued energy savings and quality performance of all water-saving fixtures and devices installed.


Professionally trained technicians will complete all installations and service in compliance with government and industry set standards. Linear will also set up post installation training to address any concerns or foreseeable hindrances to the project as well as outlining the capabilities and limitations of the water efficient fixtures installed.

These services are standard and part of our implementation process to ensure best practices.

Performance Guarantees Financing

Performance guarantees and financing are available if required in certain instances in order to facilitate the implementation of a water saving program. These options and the terms to be set therein will be determined for each specific occurrence based on eligibility.

Upon meeting the required criteria, LINEAR ENERGY would proceed with a contractual agreement. The agreement would outline terms allowing the client to pay the outstanding balance in payments equal to the accumulated water savings at the current on-going rate over the term of the agreement.

Product Knowledge

LINEAR is dedicated to providing our clients with top-quality, energy-efficient products. Our selection offers a wide array of styles and prices, ranging from the very basic and affordable to the most elegant models available on the market today. All models in our selection surpass government, industry standards and building codes. Produced by manufacturers highly recognized throughout the industry for product excellence and superior performance.

In the interest of the consumer, all of our products are quality assured, backed by the manufacturer's warranty in addition to our labour warranty.

Keywords: energy management