By: Lifewire  09-12-2011

LifeWIRE is a patent-pending and user-friendly wireless solution for case management, disease management, compliance and wellness services. The system enables customized personal messages such as key health questions and appointment/medication reminders.

LifeWIRE is an affordable solution that works easily with all population groups, which is applicable to any chronic disease or wellness goal. Health care professionals can use LifeWIRE to coordinate patient care for a wide variety of circumstances. There is no need for specialized software, gadgets, training or expertise to use LifeWIRE. Each application can be set up in minutes.

Using a secure web-based interface, users can personalize LifeWIRE to:

  • Set-up the time, frequency and nature of reminder notifications;
  • Input data and view measurement trends (e.g. weight, exercise goals, glucose or blood pressure) through charts and daily records;
  • Manage their report history and reminder schedules;
  • Edit their Min/Max levels and time frame for trend analysis; and
  • Change the cell phone used for their LifeWIRE service.

Administrators can do all the above plus :

  • Manage existing user activity;
  • Analyze utilization, trends, results, outliers and ‘push’ messages on an individual or group basis;
  • Review time stamps, input, and interactions with LifeWIRE;
  • Create questions for users;
  • Reinforce positive health behaviors;
  • Measure compliance;
  • Evaluate user specific measurements; and
  • Oversee user access (e.g., approval, updates, case closure).

LifeWIRE’s industry-leading platform technology helps build positive health management habits. With LifeWIRE, the user is in control and empowered to manage their own health using their own cell phone. Providers and care managers can easily manage patients through having them respond to personalized reminders and motivations.