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By: Leonard Domino & Associates  09-12-2011
Keywords: government relations, Public Agencies

Today’s new government relations environment organizations and their leaders must be prepared to play a much more central and personal role in building effective working relations with government. At Leonard Domino and Associates we’ve always encouraged our clients to take that approach, but recent decisions by the Ontario Government prohibiting hospitals and other public agencies from employing government relations consultants leave little doubt: the government is looking for direct contact with organizations.

On balance, I think this is a healthy development, but involves some challenges.It means your executives will need to build your organization’s understanding of the way government actually works, and to develop practical strategies, messages and relationships to protect and further your interests as you negotiate with government.

We can help you learn how to overcome those challenges. My firm has made a specialty of providing government relations training for organizations large and small. Our government relations workshops have received an excellent response all over Canada. And now we’re offering customized workshops to help organizations develop the capacity to meet specific government relations needs successfully.

We’ll design the workshop to fit your needs: issues, the specific parts of government you’ll have to deal with, and the specific individuals within your organization who will all have roles to play.

One option will be to develop a workshop where you’ll develop your preliminary government relations plan for the next year. We’ll provide worksheets and job aids to make the planning process real, and to equip your to track and manage your progress going forward.

I think many organizations will be interested in a workshop that focuses on developing effective pre-election outreach programs to all the main political parties.

That will vary from organization to organization but Board members and your senior management team at a minimum can all benefit and can become equipped to play their roles in the new age of hands-on government relations. If you have a Political Action Committee, we can design a specific PAC workshop to help those members to get off to a good start.

But there’s no getting around it: your organization is going to have to do more of your own government relations work, and developing your customized Leonard Domino & Associates Government Relations Workshop will help you develop the capacity to do exactly that – successfully!

The people responsible for government relations within organizations tell us that it’s often a lonely job: who else is constantly trying to see the organization from the perspective of the bureaucrats and the elected and appointed political officials who make government decisions?

Our regular “second opinion” sessions mean that – monthly or whenever you feel the need – we sit with your executives to help define objectives, identify and background the individuals to be contacted, refine the messages that will be meaningful and persuasive.

Even the most experienced executives tell us they find it advantageous to be able to run their plans and strategies by a experienced government relations professional, before making contacts or releasing documents that can limit the organization’s flexibility going forward.

Keywords: government relations, Public Agencies

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