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By: Leonard Domino & Associates  09-12-2011
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“The more people involved with your organization who have a realistic understanding of government relations, the better.”

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In his more than 20 years as a government relations professional, Len Domino has helped dozens of organizations – from large resource companies to small not-for-profits to health care organizations to First Nations to advocacy groups – build the kinds of partnerships with governments that get real results.
Quite simply, the Leonard Domino approach to government relations gives you the best possible chance of achieving your negotiating goals when you’re dealing with government.

When Leonard Domino’s involved, a “speaking engagement” almost always turns into a two-way conversation.

Len draws on his first-hand experience as a campaign manager, an elected politician in the Manitoba Legislature, a senior staff member and policy adviser to Ontario cabinet ministers as well as his years as a government-relations professional. 
And he brings the same “let’s learn together” approach that has made our company’s workshops and seminars to successful to every speaking engagement. 
Here are some of the ways our clients are using “conversations with Leonard Domino” to build their government relations capability.  Which ones might help you and your organization to achieve your goals?

A Leonard Domino conversation with your senior management group makes sure everyone’s reading from the same government relations song sheet.

In many organizations, the only people who really focus on or understand government relations are the CEO and whoever has direct responsibility for dealing with government.
Things work a lot better when the entire management team has realistic expectations, reasonable sensitivity to government concerns and a clear idea of the importance of good government relations.
Suddenly, getting government relations right is part of everybody’s job – just as it should be.

A Leonard Domino conversation with your Board of Directors positions ethical and effective government relations as a key strategic issue for the organization.

The reality is that, for almost every organization today, getting government relations right is a potentially critical area of corporate governance. 
A conversation with Len Domino will help your Board define the government relations issues that concern them, and then to give strategic direction for ethical and effective relationship-building with governments.

A Leonard Domino conversation with your members or shareholders can make your annual meeting a true learning experience about your organization’s relationships with government.

Your members and shareholders are among the potentially most powerful advocates you have as you negotiate with government:  they’re all voters and they all influence other voters. 
They’ll come away from their conversation with Len Domino understanding how your government relations efforts are serving their interests, and knowing now to use their voices to further the organization’s government relations agenda.

A Leonard Domino conversation with your clients or customers will make sure they’re on your side.

Across the public and private sector, organizations are blamed for things beyond their control – things imposed by government decisions from funding restrictions to the imposition of regulatory limitations.
A conversation with Len Domino lets you make sure your clients and customers understand the real nature of the problem, and how they can help you move government in your direction.

Hospital Boards.  First Nations Band Councils.  Executive Management Teams, Association Executives and Boards.  The list goes on.

Leonard Domino’s “conversations” have helped all these and other groups.  Each conversation focuses on the specific issues that concern the organization and on the best ways to deal with the real-world decision-makers on both the political and the bureaucratic levels of government.
And each conversation leads to stronger organizations because the more people involved with your organization who have a realistic understanding of ethical and effective government relations, the better. 

Keywords: government relations

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On balance, I think this is a healthy development, but involves some challenges.It means your executives will need to build your organization’s understanding of the way government actually works, and to develop practical strategies, messages and relationships to protect and further your interests as you negotiate with government.