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By: Leadership Action Centre  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership, Experiential Learning, Leadership Action

Why experiential learning? More and more today, companies are developing and setting internal competencies, the expectations by which they are measuring employee performance. A comprehensive development program meshes competencies with program objectives for measurable outcomes.


  • Time constraints of making rapid-fire decisions
  • The creation of teams, with no background information of individuals nor any previous work history
  • Multiple, conflicting deadlines
  • Interaction with “employees” who present real-world situations and expect immediate solutions
  • Dealing with emotions in conflict situations
  • The opportunity to practice communication skills in multiple formats
  • Individual and team feedback on personal skills and challenges, presented in a learning format

Very simply, adults learn best by doing. Experiential learning provides a safe environment in which to take risks, to explore new strategies for leadership, to practice communication skills, and to identify potential areas for personal growth. The Leadership Action Centre successfully combines key competencies with experiential learning to provide these opportunities.

The Centre’s simulations challenge an individual for leadership, for responsibility, for taking risks, and for decision-making. These experiential learning opportunities build on the fact that for learning to be sustained and a basis for leadership, it must be experienced, not just heard. Participants are immersed in real-world situations they and their associates face each day.

Keywords: Experiential Learning, leadership, Leadership Action, Practice Communication Skills,