Ops Risk, Operations and Financial Control Consulting

By: Latilla  09-12-2011
Keywords: financial institutions, Software Companies, Global Financial Institutions

To remain competitive a company must continually upgrade itself by:

  • Clarifying and refining focus
  • Analysing all parts of its operations objectively
  • Identifying potential for improvements
  • Ensuring that improvements are carried out

Yet few companies have the resources needed to do this effectively. It makes sense to use someone who will speedily get to know your organization and get down to working closely with your people to identify the opportunities and turn them into measurable outcomes.

Our experience as consultants to and executives of global financial institutions and software companies allows us to provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet their needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that knowledge transfer is an integral part of our consulting assignments.

Keywords: financial institutions, Global Financial Institutions, Software Companies,

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Operational and Operational Risk Consulting Services

For years, we’ve been delivering premiere Operations, Operational Risk Management, Project Management and Software Development Consulting – reducingcosts, improving efficiency, and helping our clients achieve their objectives in a timely manner. Our combined experience and hands on business methods allow us to provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet their individual needs.


Identify and Manage Ops Risk

It must be a continual process that improves the ability to identify operational risks, classify and measure those risks, assign responsibilities, implement controls, assess compliance with policies and procedures, and commicate results. Operational risk management must be a pre-emptive, not a reactive process: it’s irresponsible to wait for problems to occur before finding ways of preventing them from happening again.



In today's environment, cross-platform support is essential; therefore the C4i™ suite of operational risk management software solutions has been designed to provide support to a diverse set of systems in a variety of environments. The use of these internet-based technologies enables future versions of our products to take advantage of improvements in these and related technologies.


Capture, Classify, Control and Communicate with C4i

Designed by a team of business experts from the fields of operations, middle office, financial control, operational risk management, information technology, software architecture and computer science our product suite helps you identify, assess, monitor and manage your organization's risk activities.