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By: Last Detail  09-12-2011

Staging Luxury Condos is different than staging regular suites. The condo needs to appeal to the right buyers.

This buyer would be different on or near Bay St. or in Harbor Square. Event 2 condo's in the same building on Bay St. when they are different size, should be treated differently.

It could be an older suite as you can see to the right, old parket floors and dated furniture made the space look old. By changing the furniture completely, we managed to give the suite a fresh new look and it actually ended up selling over 100,000 over asking price. 

What directs the staging is the layout of the suite, the price - we need to attract the person who is willing to pay this amount! Also the area where its located.

There are simple rules of thumb we use which are our formula for staging homes and condos, but when it comes to Luxury suites, we have to bring it up a notch!

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CONDO STAGING | Home Staging Toronto

Dining rooms in lived in condos, we usually find either don't exits due to lack of space, or if they do have a dining set in there, is usually too large for the space. The result is usually so great, buyers often will ask to purchase the furniture we have in the suite over and above the price of the condo. By bringing in the right furniture, art, and accessories to your property, we are able to maximize the space in the suite.


Empty condo? | Home Staging Toronto

Showing just how much space you really have will help sell the condo faster, and get you the right price. Large or small, we have the right furniture, art, and accents to make it perfect for any buyer. When a condo is empty, it shows much smaller than it is. By Staging with us, you will get the complete package. Since you are selling space.. Living Room in 33 Charles.


Small Condos | Home Staging Toronto

For vacant condo's as you can see in the photos to the right, the condo looks so much larger once the right scale furniture is inside. The smaller the condo is, the more important it is to hire an experienced stager to make your condo look as big and cozy as possible. The scale of the furniture, colors, and size of art and accessories all play an important part in making the condo look spacious.


Model Home Staging | Home Staging Toronto

Whether you have one home to sell or a whole project of homes, Studies show that a furnished and well decorated property will sell 80% faster, and for 6-14% more money than an empty one. It could be a multi million dollar home or a small town-home, we look at each project individually and make it look fabulous so everyone who walks in the door wants to live there.


Model suite package | Home Staging Toronto

Some are young professionals just starting out, they want to live near Bay Street or Yorkville, and will try to find the best priced condo which will be so small, they will not know how to furnish it. The right size seating area, with the right furniture, art, and accessories to show the space to its best. They have different needs and are looking for location, and space at the right price for them.