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As planned last week, the team turned our regular code review session into a 2 hr game development challenge. Basically we wanted to give team members the opportunity to flex some classes they don’t necessarily see on a regular basis. Deliberately we assigned developers with tasks they would have the least familiarity with. Another important goal of the exercise was focused on team communication. When working in tight deadlines within a team environment fluid communication between team members is paramount.

The timer had been set and the team broke into pairs. The paired teammates discussed their approach and generally speaking one team member per pair was at the keyboard while the other observed what was on screen.

Aaron and Sunil were charged with the sea mines. Nick and Mikko were working on the dock and general game framework. While Salpy and Michael worked on the sea itself.

What resulted after just a little over 2 hrs of development was a functional prototype that was tracing key game events. Really the game was less polished then everyone wanted to see it but in truth the objective had been met in a little over the allotted time. As much as i wanted to blow a whistle and pull the plug on the workstations a la Top Chef, a terrific vibe was present that felt too good to arrest.

The team is working on a tight deadline this week and probably into the next but there is a collective will to post the game once we’ve had a chance to give it that little TLC it needs.

Stay tuned!

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