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By: Kosim  09-12-2011

• 500 lb (227 kg) capacity, 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) increments.

• Large, low platform with non-skid mat for stability and easy access.

• Auto-off when unit is battery-powered and user did not press any buttons within 2 minutes

• Easy-to-read, 1" high LCD readout.

• Weight is measured when user steps on the scale. After the weight has stabilized, the stable weight icon and the weight will be displayed

• User Friendly Buttons

• Battery icon will not be displayed when AC adapter is used

• Low battery indicator flashes when battery is low

• ON/OFF button to turn the scale on for weight measurement. Press the button to turn the scale off

• Start indicator:"Start" indicates the scale is starting up. After 4 to 5 seconds, 0.0 is displayed.

• Calibration indicator:"CAL" indicates that the scale is performing calibration

• Weight icon is displayed when weight is stabilized

• Overload indicator:"Over" indicates the scale is overloaded.

• Negative weight indicator:"UndEr" indicates negative weight detected and the scale will correct this error by setting it back to zero

• Hold/Release button can be pushed after the weight has stabilized to hold the weight display. Press the button again to cancel the function

• Zero button to reset display to 0.0

• BMI button to calculate body mass index.

• Up and Down buttons to adjust the input entered by a 100

• Clear button to clear incorrect input

• Enter button to confirm the input

• Height rod: 24” to 84” x 1/8” ( 60cm to 213cm x 1mm)

• Strong aluminium pillar.

• Updatable Firmware

• EMR Connectivity via USB

• 6-AA cell 1.5V batteries included. Optional AC Adaptor available (Model ADPT31 for USA-CSA only; Model ADPT30 for IEC)

• 1 year warranty

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