Hairpin Heat Exchanger - Closer Temperature Approach

By: Koch Heat Transfer  09-12-2011
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The Process Advantage

Hairpin heat exchangers utilize true counter-current flow. Unlike multi-pass shell-and-tube designs where correction factors are used to account for inefficiencies resulting from co-current passes, this process maximizes temperature differences between shellside and tubeside fluids. When a process calls for a temperature cross (hot fluid outlet temperature is below cold fluid outlet temperature), a hairpin heat exchanger is the most efficient design, with fewer sections and less surface area. Double-pipe heat exchangers utilize a single pipe-within-a-pipe design and are commonly used for high fouling services such as slurries where abrasive materials are present, and for smaller duties. Standard shell diameters range from 2” (50,8 mm.) to 6” (152,4 mm.). Multi-tube heat exchangers are used for larger duties with standard designs for shell diameters up to 30” (762 mm.) and surface areas in excess of 10,000 ft2 (930 m2) per section. BROWN FINTUBE® range of products includes a variety of unique enhancement devices for different process conditions.

Shellside Enhancement Devices

  • Longitudinal fintubes - Provide extended heat transfer surface with relatively low resulting pressure drops. They can be cut-and-twisted or used in conjunction with peripheral baffles for further enhancement.

  • - Simultaneously enhances both shellside and tubeside heat transfer rates. They are self-supporting and allow straight-through cleaning of the shellside, despite being on a triangular tube pitch. The risk of flow-induced vibration is eliminated with this design and shellside fouling is minimized due to the elimination of “dead” spots commonly found when traditional segmental baffles are utilized.

  • Low Pressure Drop LOK-BAFFLE™ baffles - Act primarily as tube supports. These are used for high shellside flow rates, low allowable pressure drops, or when the shellside coefficient does not limit the overall heat transfer rate.

  • Segmental baffles - These are traditional baffles that can be used in conjunction with seal-strips.

Keywords: Hairpin Heat Exchanger, Heat Exchanger, Heat Exchangers, Heat Transfer,

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