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By: Knogo  09-12-2011

Sentry is a North American wide integrator of all types of CCTV equipment manufactured by major suppliers including Sentry proprietary products, Pelco, GE, Nuvico and Axis. The company designs, installs and maintains CCTV systems for many leading retailers, transportation and distribution, commercial and industrial companies, Our systems integrate with point of sale, access control and other business systems to improve security, operations and risk management in your business

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The SentryVision® SmartTrack system uses patented technology to transmit video images from one or two pan, tilt and zoom cameras traveling on a carriage, along an aluminum rail mounted on the ceiling or wall of any facility. The camera provides unobstructed views of people and events that are not possible with conventional camera systems.



We specialize in multiple solutions to meet the needs of every library including Inventory Management, Self-service, and Book Detection Systems using Electromagnetic, Radio Frequency, and Radio Frequency Identification. Systems include administration and statistics reporting tools giving libraries the ability to control hardware and software operations with local and remote reporting capabilities.


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SentryVision® SmartTrack is the only traveling camera system offering both one and two pan, tilt and zoom camera carriages that travel along a ceiling or wall mounted aluminum rail. SmartTrack operates either as a stand alone system or integrated with other CCTV products including conventional PTZ and fixed cameras. SmartTrack has many software features including programmable inputs to direct the camera to open doors as well as motion detector.