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By: Kioskstyle  09-12-2011
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System Overview

With a long life-cycle and a future-proof upgrade path, the KS-1 is the last kiosk you'll ever need to buy. KS-1 is a reliable, manageable and self-sustainable small-footprint kiosk. Designed for always-on operation, it is a robust, powerful and eye-catching all-in-one device ideal for interactive, public-facing applications. As a straight-forward end-to-end solution, simple apps collect, present, and access your content.

Weights & Masses (approximate)

Capsule: 50 lbs or 23 kg
Stand: 10 lbs or 4.5 kg
Total Shipping: 65 lbs or 30 kg

Dimensions (approximate)

Screen: 22" diagonal, 11.5" x 18.75"
Screen Resolution: 1680x1050y, 16:10
Capsule: 23" x 16" x 8"
Capsule Box: 28" x 21" x 13"
Stand/Accessories Box: 16" x 21" x 13"


360° mounting: desk, pedestal, pole, arm, in-wall, on-wall
Supports all network types (wired, wireless)
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with Aeroglass
Full support for computer accessories & peripherals


Hand, glove, and stylus touch operation
Designed for high-traffic usage
Cutting-edge computer power
Runs unattended, full-time, always-on
Portrait / Landscape orientations supported
A multitude of colours and finishing options

KS-1 was thoughtfully designed with you in mind. The short-comings (and hidden costs) of traditional kiosk solutions have been eliminated, ensuring a lower total cost of ownership. Compared to other kiosk systems, you can expect your KS-1 unit to empower you with:

At approximately 50 lbs, the KS-1 can be conveniently moved from room to room as frequently as required. Ideal for relocation as your audience moves throughout the venue. Light-weight and portable design makes shipping KS-1 easy and convenient.

Trivial Setup & Teardown

The KS-1's angular, stealth-inspired cabinet design produces a distinct appearance designed to complement any environment while also attracting consumer attention in public areas. Best of all, the KS-1 is designed to withstand the tough demands of public-facing applications and long-term abuse.

Choose from a limitless palette of colours, styles, and finishes. kioskStyle offers powder-coating, airbrushing, and plating. Distinguish your kiosk with custom artwork, muralling, and logo branding.

Further extend your unit with additional sets of exteriors, peripherals and accessories.

kioskStyle rugged military-style shipping crate
re-usable corrugated-plastic boxes
additional enclosures/hatches (custom finishes & cut-outs)
rain-awning / sun-visor
kioskStyle table-top stand
computer upgrades
kioskStyle maintenance kit
point-of-sale peripherals

KS-1 is fully upgradable using off-the-shelf components -- maximizing operational life-cycle and lowering total cost of ownership. KS-1 is designed to deliver superior performance against any other kiosk on the market -- today and tomorrow.

KS-1's high-performance, portable, and reliable design makes it ideal for a variety of complex and interactive applications, such as:

The KS-1 is designed to supply near-limitless kiosk service in virtually any environment. The KS-1 can be managed and configured remotely, and is secured against tampering to keep things running smoothly and reliably long-term. With the latest Microsoft operating systems, the KS-1 will run any Windows application on its cutting-edge hardware.

Keywords: kiosk, Kiosk Solutions