Welcome To Khelaghar

By: Khelaghar  09-12-2011

Curriculum (for preschool)

A b c
Language arts, letters and sounds,
Rich speaking, vocabulary writing.

 Rhymes, music & movement

  Science-god’s world

Art-craft & creativity     
Dance & Fun

Facilities (for play group)

Crazy, friendly &             Well designed curriculum &
Comfortable atmosphere                             study materials

Classroom specific,           well trained teachers.
Educational kits,
Ball pool & sand pit    

Activities (for play group)

 Such as: Zoo, Museum,      Such as: Dance, drawing,                                                             
Picnics, Factory Etc          Fashion show, drama- skits e 

  Annual eventsSports day Birthdays Christmas   

Such as:
Vasant panchami, Holi, 15th August,
Janmashtmi, Diwali, new year party, Festival celebration etc.


Activities for SUMMER CAMP

Dance- western & contemporary

Music- Film songs & basic knowledge
Key board & tabla

Drawing- painting – glass painting

Art & craft
1) Pen stand 2) cartoon dustbin 3) wind chime 
4) Photo frame 5) paper lamp.
Clay modeling
1) Ganesha 2) Pen stand 3) Candle stand
4) Sofa set 5) Diya

Jewelry making
1) Necklace 2) earrings 3) bracelet
4) Anklets 5) ring