Panel Compatibility

By: Kb Racking  09-12-2011

The Aerorack 100 is compatible with solar panels with the following dimensions.

Length: 1630 – 1690 mm and 1950 – 1990 mm (64.2 – 66.5″ and 76.8 – 78.3″)
Width:  950 – 1010 mm (37.4 – 39.8″)
Height: 35 – 50 mm (1.4 – 2.0″)

Compatibility has been officially confirmed by the following panel manufacturers:

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The BarnRack works perfectly for any angle of sheet metal roofs, running parallel to the roof and still allowing ample room underneath for ventilation. It is also made of a lightweight aluminum alloy with added waterproof solutions to ensure little additional load on your roof and no leaks. The BarnRack system was specifically designed for quick and efficient installation, at a cost effective price for large systems.



Aerodynamic flat roof mounting system – tested for wind zones in Canada and the US. KB Racking has introduced the AeroRack to the Canadian market in March 2011. Lightweight aluminum construction with no roof penetration. Corrosion resistant and statically tested. Minimal loads – less than 2 lbs/sq ft.