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By: Kappel Ludlow  09-12-2011

What makes car crash victims hire auto accident attorneys? The answer is simple: auto accident attorneys offer the victims of car crashes a number of benefits at a worthwhile cost, often no out of pocket expense. Some such benefits include the following:

  • No waiting for important medical testing and care.
  • No wrangling with insurance companies over which procedures are necessary.
  • Repayment of even non-medical losses related to the accident.
  • Protection from the other side’s aggressive insurance agency and attorneys.
  • Protection from the other side turning the blame, and thus costs of all of the car crash participants, onto the victim instead of the negligent party.
  • Protection to one’s rights to recompense for all losses, not just those convenient to the insurance agency.
  • Accountability and authenticity in court as the victim’s needs are represented.
  • A panel of experts and resources that lend help and evidence to the victim’s case.
  • Less frustration, as the victim no longer needs to do all the paperwork himself.
  • More financial security for the family, as the victim is not saddled with the expenses.
  • A high rate of success in court if using a qualified and successful attorney.
  • Much greater settlement awards, resulting in long term protection for the victim and his family.

The auto accident lawyer can offer car crash victims earlier and more thorough medical testing and care because they do not rely on the insurance agencies to call the shots. After all, shouldn’t medical experts be deciding what is best for an injured victim rather than an insurance worker? With his own medical expert resources, a qualified auto accident attorney can advise the car accident victim on all the testing needed, whether tests or treatments are being neglected, and facilitate that care before the other party pays. That same team of experts will know, better than insurance clerks, what long term care a victim needs and plan for that in the final settlement.

In court, there is no better protection for a victim under siege than a successful auto accident lawyer who specializes in car crash victims. He knows the workings of insurance companies, the court, the other attorneys, and is able to fight all of these other forces for the sake of the victim. With his help, the case of the victim will be undeniable to the court, and the insurance companies will be more likely to pay full recompense rather than shorting the victim.

If you or your loved one is in need of a successful and experienced auto accident lawyer, Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm, PC, is here to help. Michael Ehline, a Marine, has the drive, knowledge, and ethics it takes to protect the innocent victim. His offices are located throughout California for the convenience of the victim and their families. If you want the type of protection that only the best can provide, feel free to call today at 1-888-400-9721.

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