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By: Jointsource Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Legacy Systems

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At JointSource, we focus on technology-enablement through measurable high-performance metrics. We will be determined to bring your organization the skill-sets and training needed to realize the greatest return on your investment.  To attain these results we offer:

  1. Agile Coaching
    Today’s software developers continue to be challenged in the fast-paced technology arena. Their on-going training is your greatest asset to achieve the highest potential. Through agile coaching, we train your developers how to be productive, integrate changing business requirements seamlessly and work with legacy systems. Agility is the key to maintaining a positive relationship with your workforce.
  2. System Performance Tuning.
    JointSource consultants are specialists in building and tuning high performance systems. If your system is popular and profitable but just can’t keep up with the ever increasing demands, we can help. Our royalty-free solution –a mix of software and hardware approaches– is usually more affordable, effective, and sustainable than straight hardware upgrades and acquisitions of expensive high-end servers.


Equipped with a diverse workforce, we deliver software the way it should be built; with care and with ingenuity. Meeting business requirements is priority 1 at JointSource and through that, the rewards will be a robust, stable and scalable system, supporting years of organizational growth.

  1. Custom Software Delivery
  2. Effective Legacy Code Refactoring
    In the advent of your organization, we expect systems need to be “dusted off” and continue to bring in revenue. There is no greater waste than to re-write code that has been successful in its function and we offer our expertise in polishing those systems, to bring it up to date. Through software refactoring, legacy systems enjoy the benefit of extending its life-span for five, or even ten, more years. A system that lives on in legacy, can also teach us lessons that we use in building the future generation of software.

Keywords: Legacy Systems

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JointSource Consulting is a Boutique Software consulting firm specializing in agile methodologies and best software practices. We believe that people are the most vital resource and form the essential building blocks of any software company. At JointSource we are not just programmers, we are software craftsmen and we want to help you hone your craft.