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By: John Berardi  09-12-2011
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Stuff created, in whole or in part, by Dr. John Berardi

Below are all the products that JB has either created or collaborated on. These are some of the best resources in the field of human performance and nutrition. From recipes to supplement reviews, fundamental nutrition lessons to advanced nutrient timing -- we've got it covered.

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Precision Nutrition (NEW!)

Precision Nutrition is the nutrition system used by Dr. John Berardi's personal clients and athletes to build lean, muscular, high-performance physiques in record time.

Price: $147 USD
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Gourmet Nutrition

By: Dr. John M. Berardi, Michael Williams and Kristina Andrew

Gourmet Nutrition 2.0, is a brand new cookbook chock full of Precision Nutrition approved recipes.

  • 228 pages with over 120 recipes to keep your taste buds alive and your body looking great
  • Printed in full color with a photo for every recipe to give you plenty of presentation ideas
  • Nutrition strategies so you can build the body you want and keep it for life

Price: $39.99 USD

The Grappler's Guide to Sports Nutrition

By: Dr. John M Berardi, PhD & Mike Fry

The Grappler's Guide to Sports Nutrition is a book designed for grapplers and combat athletes. If you train hard in a combat-type sport, if your sport requires a high strength to body weight ratio, and if you require a high muscle mass to fat mass ratio, you need this book. And considering many of the current strategies grapplers use to prepare for competition -- techniques that have lead to the death of more than a few young athletes -- this book could literally save your life. Follow it and step on to the mat at your leanest, strongest and most muscular. Step on the mat prepared to win.

Price: $33.94 USD

The Metabolism Advantage

Scrawny To Brawny

Nutrient Timing

Nutrient Timing is a book that flies in the face of conventional thought with respect to sports nutrition. Timing, it claims, is the future of sports nutrition, and now the future is here. Not only is it well referenced, it's readable, and proven to work.

Sports Supplements

Sports Supplements is the first academic textbook on dietary supplements for athletics.


We don't sell supplements directly, but a great deal of our time is spent answering questions about them. As a result, we've created a resource called "JB Approved" - here we list the supplements and brands that we have had success with in the past and recommend to our clients, customers and readers.

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Other products and services from John Berardi


John Berardi - 1-Hour Phone Consultation

A focused 1-hour phone consultation with John Berardi, a trusted human performance and nutrition expert, covering the topics of your choice and providing comprehensive responses to your questions. John will first go over your high-priority questions, then open the discussion to any further questions or concerns you may have. At the scheduled time, call the number you have been given to begin the consultation.


John Berardi - Services

Most people don’t plan for success – not even many of the elite athletes we regularly encounter. Are you ready to achieve your performance, nutrition, health, and physique goals. John Berardi putting his clients to work.


John Berardi - Coaching Program

John Berardi and the experts here have developed a system to cut through all the confusing health, performance, and body composition information out there and provide you with a program that guarantees success. Body Transformation for Women We've worked with women from all walks of life achieve their goals, from moms dropping 50 pounds to models shaping up for a photo shoot.


John Berardi - Team Program Design

Amateur and professional athletes including cyclists, track and field athletes, football players, hockey players, rugby players, bodybuilders, weight lifters and many more. Team training, nutrition, or supplement consultations. US and Canadian Olympic Teams.