JDSU - Assurance Solutions

By: Jds Uniphase  09-12-2011

JDSU Assurance Solutions ensure quality delivery of IP-based services for fixed and mobile providers. Active and passive capabilities include QoS performance management, SLA conformance monitoring, and on-demand testing for rapid problem detection, sectionalization, and trouble analysis. The JDSU Assurance Solutions are an award-winning combination of software, probes, and analyzers that supports what matters most: reliable delivery of quality voice, video, data, and mobile services.

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JDSU - A-Z Product List

The USB Pod turns the Bus Doctor into a full-featured protocol analyzer with the depth, ease-of-use, protocol decoding, and statistics needed by software and systems testers. Full and High speeds and has a special Chirp mode for viewing the chirp handshaking activity.


JDSU - Premises & Enterprise Test

JDSU offers a complete range of communications test and measurement solutions to address the needs of installers and IT professionals who manage Enterprise local area networks —whether installation or maintenance, ongoing testing, or deploying new applications and services. Network professionals must ensure network uptime and reliability, and JDSU offers a comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions to support this goal.


JDSU - Lab and Manufacturing Test

JDSU has optimized solutions for all phases of the product life cycle, with products that focus on research and development and product validation that provide thorough analysis and solutions for manufacturing test applications that help scale capital investments.


JDSU - Field Network Test

Included in the portfolio and solutions for optimizing Quality of Service and Quality of Experience that ensure delivery of reliable, high-bandwidth services to the end-user. JDSU field test solutions include a full range of portable solutions for Home, Access, Fiber and Metro network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.


ONMSi Optical Network Monitoring System

Optical Network Monitoring System increases workforce productivity and facilitates the management of fiber optic networks with fewer technicians through fiber remote testing and accurate fiber plant documentation. The system accurately detects and locates fiber degradation, alerting operators and managers with the details of faults. Multiple dashboards for instant network and system diagnostics.