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By: Jaguar Aps  09-12-2011
Keywords: supply chain

There has been a shift in thinking from the days where supply chains were seen as pure cost centers responsible for up to 65% of an organization’s base cost, and improvement activities were focused on cost reduction and process optimization. The ever-increasing demand from shareholders and customers is providing incentive to transform supply chains into a deliverer of real value. Today’s tumultuous economic environment coupled with global markets have made the supply chain more complex than ever to manage and requires adaptability, responsiveness and reliability at least cost.

Optimizing demand driven supply chains has the potential to fundamentally change the way companies do business, serving as an important catalyst for enhancing profitability in today’s environment. In order to remain competitive, companies must place greater attention on improving and optimizing these areas.

Our track record has demonstrated the ability to apply our expertise, methodologies, templates, tools and passion to deliver high impact performance improvements to a number of leading companies in various industries. We empower our clients to overcome the following challenges and help them to make right choices and decisions in an inherently uncertain environment:

  • Competitive pressure
  • Long or irregular supplier lead time
  • Variability in demand
  • Lack of appropriate and accurate measures supporting best practices
  • Abundance of data sources with not enough meaningful “information”
  • Silo environments
  • Lack of communication with necessary stakeholders
  • Supply and capacity planning
  • Volatility in volume and product mix
  • Dynamic business conditions
  • Resistance to change

We can deploy a range of services tailored to your needs:

Keywords: supply chain

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