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By: Ituitive Business Technologies  12-10-2010
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Success is built on strengthening your IT resources and operating more efficiently as a business. With ituitive's consulting services, we provide the expertise to tighten your operations and boost productivity through a number of services. These include:
IT and Business Needs Assessment
The promise of computers and other Information Technology is that it can effectively do anything or help a business achieve whatever goals it may have. Perhaps so, but many businesses are lackadaisical about understanding what is available to help them run more efficiently and cost effectively. What's more, with new IT emerging all the time, there could be software or hardware available now to help them make the leap to the next level.
Allowing ituitive's consultants to conduct a thorough assessment of your current software and hardware could prove invaluable. We'll present options that get to the root of improving your operations and bettering your bottom-line.
Software and Hardware Evaluation and Implementation
The sheer amount of software and hardware that a business has to choose from to meet their needs can be overwhelming. ITuitive will help you better evaluate and determine if an off-the-shelf option or custom built solution is best. Furthermore, we'll install and configure your system, and provide the training necessary to get your staff up to speed. And we will identify the need for any IT, software or hardware that will help you achieve objectives that were not possible before, ituitive will ensure you have everything you need to meet and exceed your goals.
E-Business Strategy & Consultation
Harnessing the web's reach to promote and sell your products or services is one of the great opportunities of the online world. But how to develop an e-commerce enabled site without investing tens of thousands of dollars is where strategic advantage is found.
Ituitive provides the talent and know-how to give your business a cost effective means of selling over the web. As online promotion is a key feature of getting your products seen and heard, we'll also help to boost your presence by ensuring your profile is listed with the most popular search engines.
Information Technology Audit & Assessment
As time goes on and your business grows, it's likely that your computers, systems and networks have been assembled on an 'as-needs' basis without much thought given to efficient planning. We can do a full assessment and audit of your hardware, operating systems, software, networks and peripherals to ensure compatibility, efficiency and room for growth.
Workflow Audit
Work smarter, not harder - it's an adage that's readily accepted but rarely obeyed. By designing workflow procedures around your Information Technology you can maximize your efficiencies. With a proper workflow audit you can better determine what changes can have a direct impact on your operations while assessing how to better evolve your systems over the long-term.
As a sample, consider some of the issues that we commonly deal with:
Do you actually need 5 printers and 3 fax machines?
Are you still using all your hardware and software?
Why do people have get up to get faxes when your mailroom can scan them and email them to people?
Why are people using different hardware and software?
Are there parallel tasks that could occur if technology could assist?
Are there any advantages to file, calendar and other group sharing?

Let ituitive conduct a workflow audit and you'll have the answers you need to start making immediate improvements.
VPN - Working When not at Work
With the advent of the Internet, the opportunity exists to provide temporary links across the public network between companies and sites. Instead of creating a true private network with all its attendant costs and management issues, ituitive can provide a Virtual Private Network (VPN). With a VPN, companies can connect each office or Local Area Network to a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and route data through the Internet, thereby using shared, low-cost public bandwidth as the communications backbone.
While multinational corporations have reaped the benefits of sharing data and resources across enterprise-wide computer networks for decades, today's VPN technology offers these advantages to companies of any size.
What's important to recognize is that VPN technology has made the Internet safe for sensitive business communications. The VPN sets up a private tunnel for each site on the network, similar to commercial leased lines, but at a dramatically lower cost. Unlike costly leased lines, the VPN's data is protected using powerful encryption, so that neither hackers nor ISPs can eavesdrop on private traffic.
VPN Core Technology Primer: RADIUS Servers
Besides the normal tasks of maintaining remote-access server equipment, managers often find their time consumed by administering access rights and authentication privileges on several, geographically dispersed remote access servers at the same time. Enter the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS), a commonly used authentication system.
VPN Implementation Calls For A Tunnel Trip
Tunneling is at the heart of all VPN implementations. There are two generic classes of tunnels. The first is end-to-end tunneling where, for example, the tunnel extends from a remote user's PC to the server that the user is connecting to. The second type is node-to-node tunneling, where the tunnel terminates at the edge of the network
How Do Service Providers Fit In The VPN World?
IT managers need to decide what role a service provider is going to play in their virtual private network implementation. What makes the decision difficult is that the provider's role can range from simply supplying Internet access to one where the provider offers a turnkey system that includes access, equipment, management of the equipment and administration of VPN services.

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