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By: Itracmedia  09-12-2011

Our Proprietary lead scoring algorithm builds a highly detailed list of interested prospects, leads and customers. Based on a variety of relevant factors, it automatically assigns a score for all your leads and ranks them from most interested to least interested.

Both way offer a real-time view of contacts who visit your website and tell you specifically what they are looking at, what pages and for how long. Using real estate as an example, this can tell you if what floor plans a prospect was looking at, when they were looking at the plans and the length of each visit.

More than just names and numbers, it’s the way to truly understand each person -- their specific interests and the strength and recency of their interests. (You also gain valuable insight like how a lead found your website in the first place).

Knowing each persons interests, your sales force can immediately target “hot prospects.” Our lead scoring offers the clear insight and direction you need to turn a huge database into huge business results.

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