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By: Irwebreport  09-12-2011
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By on October 19, 2011

ASKING an investor what makes a good annual report is like asking somebody what makes a good pizza. Some enjoy the simplicity of a thin, crispy base topped with only tomato sauce and cheese. Others prefer thick-crusted varieties capable of supporting a shopping-cart load of toppings.


By on July 13, 2011

A NEW survey of Canadian online investors has found that few rely on formal disclosure documents like annual reports for investment information, even though most describe themselves as long-term investors.


By on June 16, 2011

COMPLEXITY is unavoidable in today’s ever more complicated and sophisticated business environment. Much of the complexity in corporate reporting, however, is created by the sheer volume of disclosure. The solution? Thoughtful reduction to achieve simplicity.


By on June 14, 2011

A SURVEY of investment industry professionals’ views on Swedish investor relations practices has yielded some surprisingly frank responses, including that they don’t care much about CSR issues and think some IROs are token employees who can do little more than pour coffee.


By on May 12, 2011

WEB traffic statistics compiled by Google show that investors are spending less than 5 minutes viewing annual meeting materials hosted by large vendors – and younger investors are almost entirely ignoring the documents.


By on May 9, 2011

ANNUAL reporting season has finally and mercifully come to an end for most companies.


By on April 4, 2011

LOVE it or hate it, Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) provides a window on details behind earnings and other key performance numbers. But is the MD&A a bastion of storytelling and plain language? Probably not.


By on March 29, 2011

IN WHAT surely ranks as one of the worst web publishing practices, hundreds of companies are posting important disclosure documents on their investor relations websites in formats that prevent people from copying text.

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By on March 23, 2011

WHAT to make of Thomson Reuters’ 2010 online annual report when it’s just one web page containing a disjointed letter to shareholders and a labyrinth of links and JavaScript activated videos, charts, tables and slideshows?


By on March 16, 2011

OVER the past decade or so, companies seem to have been in a perpetual struggle trying to decide how best to publish their financial reports online. Practices and formats seem to change from one year to the next, with each year seeming to bring some new “innovation” designed to make it “easier” for companies to [..]

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By on March 3, 2011

INVESTOR relations departments are hardly renowned for being leaders in using new technology, but it seems you can make an exception when it comes to the iPad and apps designed to deliver IR information on Apple’s popular tablet.


By on March 2, 2011

DESPITE having some of the highest rates of Internet use in the world, Nordic public companies still spend a huge proportion of their investor relations budgets on printed annual reports — even though there is growing evidence that investors seldom read them.

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By on February 17, 2011

“A DECENT annual report is becoming like a hygiene factor—it’s like washing your teeth on a daily basis.” That was the observation of Mikus Janvars, Director of Corporate Finance at Evli Securities, one of several analysts featured recently in the video embedded below.

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Keywords: disclosure documents, Investor Relations, web publishing

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