By: Iolite Pharma  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cancer, Product Development , Research and Development

Iolite Pharma is a start-up biotechnology company. Our mission is to discover, develop, and commercialize innovative biopharmaceuticals for medical needs, while delivering outstanding value to patients. 

Therapeutic product candidates include human monoclonal antibodies as well as small proteins and peptides.

The product development efforts of Iolite Pharma are supported by our partners in both generating and developing human antibodies and in manufacturing clinical supply materials. We believe this experience, together with increased access to novel therapeutic targets, will allow us to rapidly generate and develop a large, diverse pipeline of human antibody products. We intend to develop some of these product candidates for our own account and some in collaboration with other companies, leveraging their respective research and development resources.

Our antibody generation resources include highly trained teams of scientists in research facilities located in North America, as well as in other countries, working by our plan.

These scientists are experienced in molecular biology, protein chemistry, animal biology, pharmacology, toxicology and process science/formulation. Other development resources include medical professionals with product development expertise in oncology, and consulting arrangements with leading academic researchers.

  • IO-1: monoclonal antibody for treatment of cancer

    We launched first oncology R&D project in December, 2008.

  • IO-2: vaccine for adjuvant therapy of cancer

    Studying the possibilities of using an immunotherapeutic approach for melanoma, renal cell carcinoma and colorectal cancer.

  • IO-3: new agent for vascular diseases

    Our biopharmaceutical IO-3 for treatment of vascular diseases are in the preclinical study.

Keywords: Cancer, Clinical Supply, Human Antibodies, Human Monoclonal Antibodies, Medical Needs, Monoclonal Antibodies, Product Development , Research and Development,