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By: Invution  09-12-2011
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Cable and DSL

For small to mid-sized businesses, our Cable and DSL Internet provides the bandwidth needed to power your business. Ranging in speeds from 7Mbps all the way to 100Mbps, non-dedicated access such as Cable or DSL is the way to go for many businesses.

DSL Internet runs over your standard phone lines, and can even share the existing line. It provides a best effort speed and is perfect as a main connection, or when used as a redundant solution. DSL is subject to distance limitations, so a simple address check is required to determine whether it is available in your location. One great benefit of DSL is that it can be bundled with your phone service, saving you even more.

Cable Internet runs over coax cable, which is the same cable used to power your television. Due to its thickness and shelding, it is not suseptable to distance limitations, and can support speeds of over 100Mbps on a best effort basis. The great thing about cable Internet is that in addition to Internet, you also get digital TV which is perfect for a lunch room or lobby area.

Dedicated Fiber and Ethernet over Copper

For businesses with more than 20 employees, or who run their own servers or have remote workers, dedicated Internet is a must have. Unlike cable or DSL, the speed is consistent and guaranteed and will never fluctuate. In addition, it’s always symmetrical, meaning a 10MBps connection is 10MBps down, as well as 10Mbps up, making it perfect for users that need to upload large amounts of data or when running VoIP phones.

Depending on your location, our Dedicated services are either delivered over fiber, or Ethernet over Copper, which both provide the same level of service and connectivity. Ranging in speeds from 1.5Mbps to over 1000 with unlimited static IPs, we offer many speed options for your business.

Redundancy Options

Almost all businesses have Internet, but what many don’t have is a redundant backup connection. We tend to focus on our main connection, but forget about what might happen if our main service ever went down. How would your business function if you didn’t have Internet for up to 48 hours?

Using Cable, DSL, or T1 is a perfect solution to provide redundancy and peace of mind. Should your main connection ever go down, you can easily switch to your backup connection. If you have a dedicated Internet connection, it can even automatically fail over to T1 to provide the same dedicated symmetrical speeds.

Keywords: Standard Phone

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