IntegT Our Services

By: Integt  09-12-2011

t IntegT we don’t just create great websites- we make online solutions. What makes the difference between great websites and complete solutions? The fact that they are custom designed and built based on analysis of your business needs.

We think of it like an Iceberg. Icebergs can be huge- and yet- only 10% of it is visible above the water - so what the outside world sees is just the tip. We build websites where the public eye only sees a small portion of what the entire solution does. In order to see the whole thing you have to log into the back end.

Mukluks optional.We have three different services
  • Business analysis and application design
  • Software development
  • Online management
The services are all available a la carte, but at IntegT, we prefer to manage the entire solution as it allows us to develop a deeper ownership over the system and more accountability over the results.