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By: InSite Systems  09-12-2011

If you need to mobilize a project quickly, or if you need extra resources to meet a deadline, or if you just need to get things done, our business services group is available to you. Using our systems we can:

  • Analyze data, write reports, and design professional presentations.
  • Design and program data collection forms and web pages.

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Tools | InSite Systems

We might have something like it in our toolbox.


Technical Services | InSite Systems

For organizations looking to customize their own systems or extend the InSite family of products, InSite Services specializes in the design, development, maintenance, and support of commercial-grade applications that connect people, processes, and information.


Articles | InSite Systems

Some of these articles are written by technical people at InSite, and others are written by experts in our industry (or in a related field).


Technology | InSite Systems

We take full advantage of the world's leading tools and technologies to create commercial-grade solutions for our clients. Our expertise with Microsoft's development tools, office productivity tools, and database platforms is extensive. Windows Application Programming Interfaces:.NET, Win32, COM, ActiveX. Database Management Platforms:SQL Server, Access, mySQL, Oracle.


Take Your Applications to the Next Level

Our services team specializes in the design, development, and support of commercial-grade business applications. We have an established code base and a proven integration process, refined and perfected over the past 15 years. Unlike most software development groups, we never need to begin from scratch.