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Inmobus e-Business Solutions

Conceived for the highly productive and effective development of e-business applications, Inmobus enables customers to rapidly design, develop, deploy and manage their web applications and content, ensuring technical quality and control while preserving creative freedom for contributors.

Inmobus allows team members to work collaboratively, while maintaining full control of the production process. Content contributors can safely submit content to the website while designers can focus on the look and feel for the presentation of web documents and its consistency accross the site, and developers can concentrate on building applications to automate business processes. Inmobus provides a role based security system and workflow control to increase productivity and reliability of the creation process.

Unlike most of the web content management systems available in the market, Inmobus provides the functionality to manage not only web content but also web applications that meet the requirements of today's organizations and facilitates the creation of dynamic websites that populate real-time data and process online transactions.

Product Highlights

Object based web document definition - Inmobus provides an efficient system to create a hierarchical tree of web documents that constitutes the website project structure. Each web document in this structure is defined as a group of objects that represent information units that can be updated independently by content contributors. A document object has a datatype associated to it. This allows for the creation of complex web documents that include data and meta-data. Data and meta-data can be defined as character, text, numeric, or date/time objects, or can be defined as internal or external web resources, images, business/office documents, relationships with other web documents, or dynamic objects (executable code) that can return dymanic information from other systems, transactional servers or web services.

Total flexibility to present and deliver content and data  - Web documents are stored in the Inmobus repository and can be presented according to the organization's requirements. Web documents and document objects can be presented as HTML pages, XML documents or can be accessed as a web service.

Efficient content contribution - Inmobus enables direct content contribution from all types of business users, including executive managers, office employees, web designers, graphic artists, web application developers or external contractors, eliminating problems that arise when one centralized group is responsible for posting all web content. Inmobus maintains the balance between preserving creative possibilities for contributors and designers, allowing adecuate and flexible control for web application developers, and maintaining total control on the production process and compliance to corporate style guidelines through workflow control and user-defined role based security.

Easy system administration – Inmobus makes it easy for web site administrators to maintain and deploy higher quality, lower cost dynamic business web sites. Through its standard administrative features. Inmobus simplifies user administration, content access control and site maintenance.

Effective system security - Inmobus provides a security system that allows for the creation of users and user groups, define who can contribute to specific web documents, and who can access the different functional modules in the system.

Workflow Control – To facilitate collaboration in an organized and secure environment, managers can implement workflow control schema that involve multiple approval paths customizable by user and document type.

Platform flexibility - Inmobus grows with your organization. With powerful server implementation options, Inmobus can be deployed on multiple web and application server platforms and operating systems. Operating systems in which Inmobus can be deployed include Windows NT/2000, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and Linux. Web and application server platforms supported by Inmobus include Microsoft IIS, Apache, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Sun ONE Web Server,  Sun ONE Web Application Server, BEA Weblogic Web Server and JRun.

Extensibility - Inmobus allows developers to extend its core functionality by creating new application packages and modules. Developers can take advantage of the built-in security infrastructure to grant user permissions to access their application packages and modules.  

Keywords: Automate Business, Content Management, Content Management Systems, web application,

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Inmobus development services are focused on extending the functionality of Inmobus and the creation of new application packages and modules, in response to your specific requirements. Inmobus Services complement our Inmobus e-Business Suite and help organizations in the successful implementation of their content and application management solution.


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This need for rapid change in today's dynamic business sites makes it impossible for the entire content production and revision process to rely on one or two people. Complexity and speed have created the necessity os a solution that allows teams to effectively manage web content and applications.