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By: Info Vision  09-12-2011
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Since 1993 info-VISION has been providing real time statistical display and messaging services to the call center industry. We guide and support you throughout the entire process, including system design, software and hardware supply, professional installation, and ongoing maintenance.

info-VISION has a number of software products, enabling the display of real-time call center data, as well as corporate communications, motivation, and training. To display the real-time statistics, info-VISION integrates with the following platforms: ACD for Nortel Symposium, ACD for Avaya, ACD for Aspect, ACD for Mitel, ACD for Ericsson, data display for Interactive Intelligence, Virtual Hold and most others.

info-VISION has a number of modules that allow you to display information on LED Reader Boards, Plasma and LCD Screens and Desktop Displays.

Plasma and LCD Screens

info-VISION’s software allows you to display real time statistics combined with corporate messages, human resources information, training and motivational images on LCD and Plasma Screens for a complete visual communication system. With info-VISION and Video Reader Boards, there is no need to take CSRs off the phones to get a message to them. Video Reader Boards provide the vital statistics and an opportunity to give employees direction on how to be more effective. The following are screenshots exemplifying the type of information that can be displayed on flat screens:

Desktop Display

info-VISION’s desktop display module allows you to have real time statistics and ticker news bulletins in a browser right in your desktop. This application is especially attractive for CSRs that work from home. Source switching within the URL can be implemented to provide alternate views of the data. This solution also allows managers to access customized real-time reports on specific key success factors and metrics

Increase productivity

Displaying Real-Time Statistics allows CSRs and managers to gain continuous visibility of the performance of the queue, alerting management and the workforce to changing conditions that require immediate action.

One of the best ways to improve productivity and reduce turnover is to provide an environment that will inspire staff to perform at a higher level. It takes less energy to improve performance through reward and inspiration than it does through policing and control. So why not encourage and reward in an effective manner? All of our call center solutions can be used to recognize certain individuals and to display motivational messages that will improve the workplace environment and reduce turnover.

Reinforce training initiatives by repeating critical details on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. On-the-job training is an efficient and cost effective method to keep CSRs up to date with the latest product changes and marketing initiatives. Our software is easy to use and allows for quick content changes on the fly to immediately inform your employees. Research studies indicate customer service representatives are more productive and happier when armed with all the knowledge necessary to perform their job properly.

On-the-job coaching is extremely cost efficient. Easy to use control software allows quick content changes to compliment training initiatives. Video or LED reader boards can make successful programs even more effective over a longer period.

Reduce e-mail, voice mail, memos and posters by using visual images to communicate messages more effectively. Items such as job postings, changes in compensation plans, dental coverage or announcing where to pick up the new parking pass can be clearly and easily communicated using video displays.

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