The Ski Jump Air Bag

The Ski Jump Air Bag from Inflated Game Systems Ltd.

By: Inflated Game Systems Ltd.  07-10-2010
Keywords: Corporate Events, snowboarding, Ski Holiday Accommodation

 The Ski Jump Air Bagis a tool to help people safely learn new tricks. Described as a “great big nice pillowy soft air bag” and a “tool that’s safe for learning,” The Ski Jump Air Bag has helped athletes of all sports reach new limits. From mountain bikers learning their first backflip, to perfecting his flips on route to winning an Olympic silver medal, The Ski Jump Air Bag has helped athletes safely learn new skills in a controlled environment. As a company, it is our mission is to reduce injuries while advancing athletic progression.
Anybody of any skill level can benefit from using The Ski Jump Air Bag. Whether you are on a snowboard, skis, bike, skateboard, or just jumping off a platform;  The Ski Jump Air Bag cushions your falls and gets rid of that nagging fear of injury – so that you can focus on learning your new trick.
People who want to build their confidence and leadership have jumped onto the bag from a crane. The Ski Jump Air Bag is a tool that will let you overcome your fears and challenge yourself in new ways.
 The Ski Jump Air Bag is portable and mobile, it fits in a trailer and you can set it up wherever whenever within 30 minutes. Foam pits are a nightmare to transport and move.

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