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By: Importing Cars  20-09-2014
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Importing Cars seeks to help out the Canadians import the vehicle of their choice from US, through an extremely easy and uncomplicated procedure but by following each and every of the tenets and strict norms. The buyers might seek to import any vehicle they wish, from regular cars, motorcycles, SUVs and also trucks. Whatever the make or year of production, a huge range of choice is there. If the buyers are confused what to do, a number of dependable and friendly customs brokers might help them out. Once the buyers are aware of the process and the essential documents and taxes, the process becomes exceedingly simple.

Consumers have to go by a specific method for importing cars into Canada. After they decide on the car they have desired to import, they need to confirm always that the bill of sale is there for reference. Then comes the stage of wire transfer of the money to the retailer. If they do not feel like driving their purchased vehicle across the border, they need to hunt for a prominent and unfailing shipping company to get the car to the residing area. After procuring the car, they have to get in touch with the bridge that will allow their vehicle to cross. Buyers have to let them know about the purchase 72 hours before crossing the bridge. An AES filing should be done with the help of a broker, before the export of a vehicle occurs. This is an obligatory norm laid down by US Census Bureau.

Then at the Canada Customs area, customer seeking to importing cars from US to Canada is supposed to fill in the Form 1, make a payment of the GST of 5%, 6.1% of duty and an excise charge of $100. Other applicable customs fees encompass the inefficient fuel tax which is valid for exotic vehicles and also gas guzzlers. A customs brokers can always help the buyer at the border. When the vehicle arrives, they need to make a contact with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles and pay $195, they require a copy of the recall clearance letter. The Form 2 will be released by the Registrar. Printout should be taken to a Canadian Tire and they will complete the federal inspection. There is an emissions test, testing for daytime running lamps as well as a provincial mechanic safety test. Then the plates are obtained at the Ministry office. Users can get aware of the entire procedure by taking one look at the official website at importingcars.ca.

Keywords: Importing cars from US to Canada, Importing cars into Canada,