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Navel Therapy from Imperial Health Spa Clinic

By: Imperial Health Spa Clinic  25-07-2010
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 Navel therapy is harmless, painless and effortless!

All it requires is applying herbal medicine in the forms of paste onto the navel “belly-button” of the body or stimulating the navel by physical means to cure various types of ailments and symptoms.

The concept of Jingluo (the channels and collaterals of the body) originated from ancient China 2000 years ago. Modern studies on Jingluo started approximately in the 1950s. Japan is one of the major countries in the research of Jingluo. Jingluo are the pathways through which Qi and blood circulate. In addition, Jingluo also transports nutrients to body tissues, connects internal organs, communicates between the internal and superficial organs, balances Yin and Yang, determines life and death and transmits illness and pathogens.

One of the most respected resources on this subject is published by Wang Fu-chun & Zhang Ying-xin, in Changchun in 1993 by Ji Liao Zhi Bai Bing titled “The Navel Treatment of Hundreds of Diseases” .

Navel therapy is starting to form a new trend in North America and Imperial Health Care Clinic in co-operation with “sifu” Master Wong a renown herbalist from Hong Kong with over 35 years experience is pleased to introduce this therapy service program in Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Keywords: clinic, Health, Medical Clinic

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