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By: Ilantus  09-12-2011
Keywords: Identity Management, User Lifecycle Management

This service provides customers the functionality of User lifecycle management as a service. Customers will no longer require to go through the oft rigorous and time consuming procedure of choosing and implementing an Identity Management Solution. For a fixed monthly fee, Managed Identity Service will enable customers to seamlessly manage their identity lifecycle processes and day to day user administration activities. The service offering provides the entire functionality of identity management including password self service, process automation and automated user management.

Customers can choose to continue with the day to day user administration activities on their own with this service or utilize the services of Telus Systems for the day to day administration activities at an additional cost. This service offering will provide significant cost savings to customers in comparison to the in- house implementation of such a solution.The options available are:Provides the customer a complete service – hosted, managed, administered and delivered. The customer bears a fixed monthly/ annual cost for utilizing these services besides an initial set up– deployment, integration and customization fee.This service is available with two types depending on the customer's choice – dedicated and shared set up. Irrespective of the type of service chosen, a customer gets a highly robust, scalable, secure, dependable, leading edge deployment for identity lifecycle management, password self-service, and business process automation. All key tenets of such a set up like high availability, failover protection, 24x7 L1/ L2/ L3 support, integration and deployment assistance, expert skills, SLA-based service, keeping pace with evolving technology upgrades and updates; not limited by the type of service chosen are available to customers.The dedicated set up provides an isolated, highly secure, scalable, dedicated infrastructure and application deployment for the customer. All other features listed above are part of the dedicated set up as well.The shared set up provides a dedicated organization structure, business processes, accounts and policies and services. Other security measures like firewalls and intrusion prevention systems are shared across multiple customers along with shared hardware and common infrastructure and application deployment.In both cases, the customer bears the one-time costs of deployment, integration and customization as deemed necessary at the time of finalization of the contract. An exclusive statement of work will be drawn up, but indicatively, a dedicated set up should take about 8 weeks (18 person weeks) without any custom development, a shared setup should take about 3 weeks (8 person weeks) without any custom development.
This service is aimed at customers who have already chosen to deploy an Identity Management system of their own. This is available to customers on a fixed monthly/ annual fee, not including any additional deployment, integration and customizations tasks required. Key reasons for customers to look for such a service are - Technological Complexity associated with Operations and phased implementation running in parallel, Knowledge Management and Skill development, People Turnover, Product Upgrades and updates on a continuous basis, Complex & Evolving Domain Knowledge, Cost of operations, Evolving business needs, Meeting service level expectations, etc.This service is available in 2 types -   24x7 Administration and Support: Through this offering the customer transfers responsibility for
    complete administration and operations of the Identity Management setup. This service is available
    to customers on a fixed monthly/ annual fee basis, with guaranteed SLAs.   L2/ L3 Support: This offering provides support to the current teams managing the Identity
    Management setup. The service team will resolve issues that cannot be resolved by the customers'
    own support teams. This service is available to customers on a monthly/ annual fixed fee and per
    Incident basis.

Keywords: Identity Management, User Lifecycle Management

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The assessment consists of reviewing the existing implementation, reviewing the design, analyzing issues if any and understanding business drivers and plans of the management related to Identity management. Businesses that are new to Identity and Access Management, need to understand the challenges facing them, as well as the manner in which they currently perform their Identity and Access processes.


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ILANTUS delivers limited solutions in Infrastructure Security but has complete understanding and experience with these solutions from Identity Management, Access Governance and Compliance perspective. Since these technologies are of prime importance in "risk & compliance", ILANTUS has also built exceptional skills in the area. Available for all IAM Technologies.