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By: Ilantus  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sod, Identity Management, Health Check

ILANTUS Advisory Services constitute the consulting services offered by ILANTUS. These services are primarily aimed at enabling customers to
  •   Identify Requirements and Define Roadmap for Identity Management
  •   Evaluate effectiveness of existing implementation and determine next steps
  •   Implement controls like SoD for meeting regulatory requirements
Specific Service offerings include:
Businesses that are new to Identity and Access Management, need to understand the challenges facing them (business, technical and human), as well as the manner in which they currently perform their Identity and Access processes. Organizations experienced in IAM know that they constantly need to maintain / update / extend their current IAM services - both in functional scope and in environmental coverage. ILANTUS IAM Assessment program has been designed specifically to address these requirements. The IAM Assessment is available to both new and experienced Identity and Access Management users and can range in depth and duration. Most organizations leverage our One to Two-Day Assessment offering, which enables them to:
  • Crystallize their IAM needs at a granular level.
  • Align their current or proposed IAM activities with business objectives.
  • Derive maximum value from their current or potential IAM investments through ROI tools & experience.
  • Effectively understand the complexities of managing IAM implementations /migrations/ expansions.
  • Address the requirements and concerns of the IAM user community.
  • Deliver top-quality IAM support to their customers.
  • Incorporate their IAM landscape within strategic business goals.
  • Obtain a roadmap & phase wise implementation and investment / spend plan.

Identity Management HEALTH CHECK Service

This service is offered to enable customers who have already implemented Identity Management Solution in some form or the other. The objective of this assessment is to provide customers with an approach and roadmap to enhance the existing implementation, realize better RoI, resolve issues if any. The assessment consists of reviewing the existing implementation, reviewing the design, analyzing issues if any and understanding business drivers and plans of the management related to Identity management. ILANTUS will then prepare a detailed health check report which provides observations, recommendations and roadmap for enhancing the implementation and realization of better RoI. This service offering enables customers to address one of the key requirements from a compliance perspective. This service enables customers to assess their existing access definitions across the enterprise from a Segregation of Duty perspective. ILANTUS will understand the existing issues related to SoD and prepare a SoD matrix across the key business applications. ILANTUS will also review the existing access definitions against the SoD Matrix defined in an automated fashion. This review will provide customers with a report on the gaps existing within the enterprise from a SoD perspective.

Keywords: Health Check, Identity Management, Sod

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Services - ILANTUS Technologies - The Identity Management People - services managed

The customer bears a fixed monthly/ annual cost for utilizing these services besides an initial set up– deployment, integration and customization fee.This service is available with two types depending on the customer's choice – dedicated and shared set up.


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ILANTUS delivers limited solutions in Infrastructure Security but has complete understanding and experience with these solutions from Identity Management, Access Governance and Compliance perspective. Since these technologies are of prime importance in "risk & compliance", ILANTUS has also built exceptional skills in the area. Available for all IAM Technologies.