iKlick - Web traffic analysis

By: Iklick  09-12-2011

What is iKlick?

A quick summary

iKlick can be used to monitor the success of:

  • "Paid for search" campaigns such as Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture),
  • Banner advertisements
  • New search technologies such as those offered by Vibrant Media

How the process works

  • The customer will seamlessly bounce off the iKlick website before arriving at your website. At this point, iKlick will store a cookie on their computer
  • If that customer then makes a purchase, iKlick checks to see if the cookie is present on their computer. If it is, iKlick will make a note of which media delivered the order
  • iKlick stores the customer’s details for up to 6 months, so even it they do not purchase straight away, iKlick will know which online media attracted them initially.

Reporting and analysis

iKlick’s reports can be pulled over any period of time, using the calendar options as shown below:

The reports include tables and graphs and typically show:

  • A more detailed breakdown as to which specific keywords (from paid for search campaigns) generated the orders

An extract from a typical iKlick report is shown below: