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Horizontal Solutions in Data Capture, Document Management, Content Management, and BPO.

Industry Solutions for Service Bureaux, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Small & Medium Businesses




We have significant experience and expertise in all areas of Document Management. We have successfully produced innovative, right-fit solutions that stretch budgets and offer productivity increase immediately. Our strong team of professionals analyze, design, and develop a Document Management Solutions that leverage your existing infrastructure and fit in with your existing systems.

to discuss your needs!

Paper in the mail, paper from faxes, photocopies

Individualfiling systems, cannot locate the right paper

Do you make photocopies to share information?

Still keeping what can be safely thrown away?

Do you know how much knowledge is locked up in that paper?

Are your people re-inventing the wheel?

We help you convert paper into a knowledge repository..


Most organizations create and maintain a lot of content. However, typically, this information is spread around, duplicated, lost, sometimes stolen or misused. Our team of professionals will analyze your business needs, design, and develop a content management solution that fits your needs and business process. We work with existing systems and process, an minimize and rationalize the change management process.

to see how you can benefit from our content management solutions!

Business Process & Information Management

Is your business process as efficient as it can be? Is your IT infrastructure efficient and cost-effective? Is all your data and knowledge safe and accessible when needed? Do you spend a lot of time looking for information within your organization? Are your employees efficient, productive and enabled to perform well?

for a detailed analysis of your current business process. Let us help you leverage your infrastructure, information, and knowledge effectively.

Can you access information across applications?

Can you locate the latest version of your electronic documents?

Do you control access to all those confidential files?

Are your files duplicated on multiple machines?

We help you bring it all together.


Better Image Processing
Higher OCR/ICR Quality

Format Conversions
Reduce Manual Verification Costs
Increase your throughput
Do more with existing staff


As an accountant or an accounting services company, time is literally money! How much time do you spend searching for information? Are you swamped with paper? Is all your information safe and secure from prying eyes? Do your computer system 'talk' to each other and enable easy sharing of information and enable productive performance? We have knowledge of the general operating infrastructure in an accounting environment. We understand the constraints and the growth patterns of accounting firms.

for a detailed analysis and a cost-effective solution. And yes, an efficient infrastructure and information management system doesn't have to be expensive.

Automate Book-keeping
Search and find data and information when you need it.


As a lawyer, legal consultant, or a legal firm, you create, share, distribute, access, and manage vast amounts of information from varying sources. You need to maintain records of almost every little thing you do. Do you know that you can save time and money, and have more time for productive tasks by using an efficient information managment system?

for a detailed analysis and a cost-effective solution! The time it will save you and the productivity increases it will bring will pay the costs of your investments many times over in a short period of time.

Search & Retrieve with ease.
Manage your knowledge
Increase the proportion of billable hours
Expand without increasing your non-billable manpower.


for a discussion!

Check Processing
Forms Processing
Large-Scale Data Capture Systems
Reduce Costs Drastically


The insurance industry creates large amounts of paperwork and requires a very efficient information management system.

for all your needs, be it archival, claims processing, content management systems, records management. Let us, together with our global network or partners assist you in cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Forms Processing
Claims Processing
Cut Costs
Speed up response times


Small & Medium Businesses operate under a lot of constraints, manpower, finance, competition from tiny enterprises and large corporations. Most information management solutions literally cost the earth, and ironically, the businesses that can benefit from them most, cannot leverage them.

! We understand your constraints and requirements. We have cost-effective solutions that help you compete effectively and win against all those competitors.

Invoice Processing
A/P Processing
Customer Service
Infomration Archival
Search & Retrieve with ease


You don't have to throw away your existing systems. You have invested a lot of time and money into getting your existing systems up and running. Why do you have to waste it all?

We help you get the most out of your systems. There are innovative uses for older technology and computer systems. It is a matter of analysis, and optimization. We can help you get even more out of your technology investments,

to find out how.

Will off-the-shelf solutions fit your needs? Sometimes, off-the-shelf solutions are all you need. Sometimes, they just don't make the cut. But custom doesn't automatically mean "high investments". We help you mix and match, and get the right mix  for your business.

Do you need customized solutions? Customized solutions need not be complicated and time-consuming! In fact, it could save you time, resources, and increase your productivity. Our partners and network ensure that the cost-benefit ratio stays healthy, and you get the most for your investment.

We help you get the right balance, finely tuned The right balance of new, old, off-the-shelf, custom, is possible! We know how we can mix and match to give you the best of technology at least of investments.

for a detailed analysis.


Your business is unique, your needs are unique

Even if your business belongs to a well-defined category, such as "Accounting", "Legal", "Manufacturing", or "Retail", it is truly unique. It has a unique mix of requirements, constraints, and opportunities. We identify those, and help you leverage them to get the best out of your systems.

We help you transition - minimize disruptions. Change management is not trivial. You need to ensure that change doesn't impact negatively on productivity, and that all your revenue-generating streams stay functional and remain profitable. We work with you to minimize disruptions, and make the change as smooth as possible.

Why pay more for a solution that does more than you need it to? We make sure you get what you need. We can assist you in finding what you truly need, help you decide and clearly explain the tradeoffs you make.

Maybe your existing systems can do the job? Maybe you have all the infrastructure needed, maybe you have already invested in the technology. Then

to get the best out of it, in terms of reliability, efficiency, and plain ease-of-use.

We give you the right mix, custom or off-the-shelf We help you get the right mix, a solution that is tailor-made for you, fits your needs closely, and help you compete, grow, and lead you to better profitability.

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