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By: Ichannel  09-12-2011

Current Affairs – ichannel

An in the March 25 edition of The Globe and Mail looks at the (APTN) and its ongoing struggle to win recognition and respect from mainstream viewers and media. APTN’s role in breaking the story of the has done much to raise the network’s profile.

 Here are Karyn’s reflections on her time at APTN:

… there can be real frustration breaking intensely human stories – especially when nobody notices.

Pugliese knew people in those communities often spoke with her – sometimes about a taboo subject, against the wishes of others – in order to effect change. But she also knew her stories wouldn’t necessarily accomplish that.

“You sometimes see W5 or CBC break the story and then at the end of the day when they go for their Canadian Association of Journalists awards they can talk about how that made a big difference. You sit there and you watch over the years the amount of stories that APTN has broken, and the really quality work and quality journalism and facts, and follow the money. They put all this research and all this effort into it, but it doesn’t have the same impact.”

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Normally we only let two family members in at a time”, the nurse says with quiet efficiency, “but today, if you’d like, all three of you can come in”. I should never have let her grow up so independent” she told me one day in the car on the way to the hospital. They called it a closed head injury so I assumed the tube running from her head was draining fluid.