Use an Industry Standard or Custom DTD for Document Creation

By: I4i  09-12-2011

You may have a custom DTD, or need to use an industry standard DTD for your documents. However, you still need to provide your authors with a way to easily create and edit documents based on it.

x4o allows you to use any valid XML or SGML DTD*. By associating your DTD with x4o, you can customize the formatting, the application behaviors, the user interface, and even the deployment to end-users. You can allow XML authoring to be as constrained or loose, and as hidden or visible, as required. And all the while, your authors are still working in the familiar Microsoft Word environment.

* x4o can also be configured to support schemas.

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Create Documents that Conform to Corporate and Industry Standards

Authors and SMEs should not be required to learn standards; their time is best spent on document creation and editing. With i4i's x4o (XML for Office), you can enforce the structure and formatting of documents using templates. You also ensure that authors submit 100% standards compliant documents the first time.


Integrate XML Authoring with a CMS using x4o

I4i's x4o comes with the x4o CMS Connector for integration with Content Management Systems and Database Management Systems such as Documentum, Tamino, Oracle, Sharepoint and OpenText. Using the x4o CMS Connector your authors can perform all the CMS tasks they are accustomed to directly from the XML authoring tool - x4o. The x4o CMS Connector supports the industry standard protocol WebDAV, and can be configured for proprietary protocols.


Allow Remote Authors to Work with XML Documents Using x4o

If your organization is using a Content Management System, x4o includes the x4o CMS Connector, which allows you to check-out and check-in documents over intranet/internet from CMSs, such as Documentum, OpenText, Oracle, SharePoint, and Tamino. Sending an XML document from i4i's x4o, along with all the support files, is a simple as selecting the 'File> Send To> Send x4o Email' menu item.


Create and Edit XML Documents with x4o

Your authors should not be required to learn a markup language in order to create and edit XML documents. Create and edit XML content, based on pre-defined templates, in Microsoft Word. X4o can also be configured to support schemas. Use any industry standard or custom DTD*.


Allow SMEs to Create and Edit XML Documents with x4o

With i4i's x4o (XML for Office), XML content creation is as simple as selecting the appropriate XML template and authoring as in Microsoft Word. Subject matter experts should not have to be burdened with the unnecessary need to become XML experts. Create and edit XML content based on pre-defined templates in Microsoft Word. Markup XML in real-time - no post-processing is involved. X4o can also be configured to support schemas.