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By: Human Restauro  09-12-2011
Keywords: Stress Management, Life Skills, Outdoor gym

Human Restauro offers a variey of services such as: Rehabilitation Therapy, Stroke Rehabilitation, Personal Training, Private Nursing, Yoga & Relaxation classes and Life Skills Training.  All services are provided by Certified or licensed health care professionals.

  • Outdoor Gym - Strengthening & Conditioning Program

    This outdoor program incorporates varieties of strengthening and conditioning exercises.  Designed is based on your goals and objectives.  The aim of this program is to develop lean and healthy body.  The program will also teach you how to make the Outdoor Gym your daily routine!

  • Healthy Weight for LIFE

    Healthy Weight program is design to those who are confronted with challenges of weight loss.  The aim of the program is to restore your weight to the appropriate level.  The program incorporates personal strategies to ensure that your weight will remains healthy for LIFE!

  • Stress Management

    Are you feeling stressed?  Is your professional or personal life pushing you beyound your limits?  Stress Management program will guide you how to turn negative stressors into possitive gateways to more balanced life.  This program will make you Stress-proof!

  • Aging well - -> staying at home

    This unique program is designed for seniors who often face increased challenges of independent living at home.  Unforseen events like medical emergency or fall may lead to a major change in physical independence and subsequently result in placement in facilities such as: Nursing Home or Retirement Residence.  This program assists seniors to age well and enjoy independent living in community!

Keywords: Life Skills, Outdoor gym, Relaxation Classes, Stress Management,