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By: Hooper Holmes  09-12-2011

Paradex™ is an electronic application and exam service designed to collect comprehensive underwriting information faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. Through the use of screen prompts and unique reflexive questions, Paradex™ enables the Insurance Carrier to make faster and more educated underwriting decisions.

The Paradex tele-interview is an applicant's health history that has been obtained by a medically-trained professional in a telephone interview directly with the applicant. Such reports have reflexive (drill-down) questions; which ensures that the greatest possible medical detail is provided. They can also be expanded to include non-health information such as lifestyle or avocation questionnaires. A medically-trained interview professional contacts the applicant to complete the health history interview over the telephone through one of our two professional, dedicated Call Centres (Toronto and Montreal). The completed form(s) are then sent electronically to the insurance company's underwriting department, for immediate evaluation.

“Across the Street, across the Country …. We’ve got you covered!”

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Whether you require service in a large city, a rural, or a more isolated location, we are able to provide a timely solution to all of your medical requirements. Hooper-Holmes is the leading provider of Life and Health Insurance risk assessment services in Canada. We pride ourselves on providing accurate, reliable and timely information in a professional manner.


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Attending Physicians have access to our toll-free, confidential medical dictation line, which is available 24/7, to provide secure medical histories telephonically. Often one of the remaining outstanding requirements for underwriting, the following features expedite the process and enhance a truly unique APS service.


Hooper Holmes > Services > Imagedex

This technology allows Insurance Companies to have their completed paramedicals and related risk assessment documents available to underwriting electronically directly from our nationwide network – regardless of the location of the applicant. We retain the original documentation that has been scanned and posted to Imagedex which is subsequently sent directly to the insurer, as per the insurance company’s standing instructions.


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Our experienced Health Professionals undergo a comprehensive training program which enables them to complete the following essential medical requirements: paramedical and physical examinations, ECG's, blood profiles, urinalysis, personal health interviews and other specialized tests.


Hooper Holmes > Services > Portamedic Access

Hooper-Holmes/Portamedic™ remains a leader in the paramedical industry, utilizing technology to continually ensure that we can provide the highest level of service possible to our customers and their clients. It allows brokers and insurance company Head Offices to order, receive updates and track underwriting requirements on new applicants.