Boiler Toronto Services

By: Hoerner Heating & Plumbing Services  09-12-2011
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Boiler Toronto Services

Hoerner Heating & Plumbing Services Inc. can provide boiler toronto services.

Summary of all Boiler Toronto Services

We are promoting the use of high-efficiency condensing boilers at Hoerner for boiler Toronto needs. They are also available with some grant money - provincial money. You have to have a home energy audit to get this money. This summer is a great time to replace your heating boiler in Toronto, because it's not such a big rush when you're old boiler breaks in the dead of winter. And when you have to order parts, and you're without heat for several days it can really set you back (not to mention be uncomfortable). We were trained on decent equipment, and our favorite brand is Viessmann boilers. We do have other lines of boilers, but we are mainly selling and promoting Viessmann boilers because we believe the parts are readily available, and we carry quite a bit of parts with us at all times, so they are stock. Viessmann boilers take up less room in your home, and they also has the ability to provide domestic hot water. So you get a lot of efficiency. There are two types of boilers, we deal with both. In Toronto in a lot of older neighborhoods, there is a lot of hot water heating in homes and the cast-iron radiators. Because of this fact, a Viessmann high condensing boiler is an ideal choice to heat your home. We are operating here in Toronto near Broadview and Danforth and are centrally located in the GTA. We have a lot of customers in that area and our technicians and staff are very familiar with Toronto homes; and the kinds of challenges you find in Toronto homes.

Why Do People Buy Boilers in Toronto?

Approximately half of the homes in Toronto are hydronic heat boilers. When people call us today for boilers there calling either for repair or to upgrade to a more efficient model. Something that will save them cost in the long run. They basically call us to have the serviced and have them cleaned to make sure they're burning as efficiently as they can end up there operating safely. We promote Viessmann as our product choices they're very efficient boilers and they're German-made. We believe they are one of the better products are not really one of the low manufacturers. They put out a good product and we use them for a long time they've always worked well for us and we know how to repair them.

More common Viessmann boilers are the mid-efficiency boilers we do a lot of mid-efficiency Viessmann boilers. The odd time while we will do high efficiencies we call "Combies". They also heat domestic hot water whether it be tankless or not tankless. The high efficiencies, they heat your home as well as your hot water for showers and everything else.

Boilers are engineered differently today than they were before. They are more geared to holding heat longer they have a cleaner burn so you're using less gas and getting more heat in the long run.

How Do You Determine What Size Boiler to Go into the Home?

The size of boiler is determined by square footage in the home, as well as the amount of windows and doors and stuff like that in the home. The common house traditionally has a mid-efficiency boiler installed.

How Long before Replacing a Boiler?

You should actually have your boiler serviced every year, mostly because of the safety factor. They are natural gas burning machines in your house, and not servicing it regularly could put your family at risk. It's well worth to have somebody come out to do a combustion analysis to ensure that there is no carbon monoxide getting into the house.

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