Himalayan Gems » Jewelry Fit for a Queen

By: Himalayan Gems  09-12-2011

Himalayan Gems » Jewelry Fit for a Queen!

An Age of Opulence  

     The modern era came late to Nepal, and this curious historical fact has played an important role in the production of our jewelry. Sealed off from all foreign influence for centuries, the country only opened to the outside world in the early 1960’s. This permitted the traditional skills and techniques such as filigree, pierce-work and repousse, to survive free of modernizing influences.

     Nepal’s aristocracy, including both the Royal Family and the Ranas who ruled as hereditary Prime Ministers, was lavish in their patronage of the arts and love of ornamentation.

     Their opulent lifestyle revolved around festivals, births and marriages, and their love of pageantry was legendary. Each occasion was marked with gifts of gold, silver and precious gems, and the jewellers whom they depended on for such luxuries developed close ties to the palace and ruling elite. Silver bowls covered in repousse work were required to perform the rituals, entire sets of gold jewels encrusted with stones were essential at weddings, and every birth was marked with gifts of gold, keeping entire families of craftsmen busy through the generations.

     Thus the ancient skills, forgotten in so many lands, continued to be practiced and refined. Your patronage of Himalayan Gems insures these same families that created masterpieces for royalty continue to work in their chosen field and the remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail acquired over the centuries continues to flourish.

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Himalayan Gems » Nepali Life

Each member of the atelier concentrates on a certain stage of the production, some fashioning granulation or silver wires, others setting the gemstones by hand, others busy filing or polishing the finished pieces. The ambience is remarkably co-operative, each member of the team contributing their skills towards the common goal of producing fine quality silver jewelry, taking pride in the workshops reputation.


Himalayan Gems » Himalayan Dragons

Often portrayed flanking the deities in its role as a dharmapala, or protector of the faith, the Dragon is seen as a staunch supporter of universal truths and a fearsome foe of the forces of evil. Swirling Dragons rendered in wood, copper and sterling silver decorate the temples, statue shops and fine silver jewelry of Kathmandu. Only the finest of craftsmen are able to create the superbly rendered silver Dragons found at Himalayan Gems.


Himalayan Gems » Silver Techniques

Using our original designs, the silversmith starts with a plate of sterling silver and then drills holes and inserts tiny jig-saw blades through a silver plate to cut out the pattern, leaving the design in fine detail - reminiscent of lace. The sterling silver piercework jewelry produced in Kathmandu Nepal is an example of a traditional craft that that has survived intact due to that isolation.


Himalayan Gems » Buddhism

His philosophy and teaching has gained respect as one of the world’s great faiths and his message of peace and tolerance seems ever more relevant in this constantly changing world. The full moon of the first month of the Nepali calendar year, Vaisakh, is celebrated as the birthday of Nepal’s most famous son, the Buddha. This year the festival fell on May 9th, when the great Buddhist temples of Swayambhu and Baudha hosted thousands of devotees.


Himalayan Gems » A Himalayan Faith

Symbols of faith such as Om, the rhythm of the cosmos, the all-seeing eyes of the Buddha, and the Mandala are often seen above temple doors, in the intricate religious paintings known as Thankas, and the silver and gold ornaments worn by the citizens.