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By: Helidon  09-12-2011
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Professional Linux training

Helidon offers professional training classes, online tutorials & personalized training sessions for Linux.

The aim of these sessions is to provide guidance and show how to setup and configure common Linux server deamons including Apache, MySQL, PHP, CUPS, Bind, Iptables, SAMBA, Squid, Postfix. Helidon Linux Training is available when you need it, not when a class is scheduled, we also provide on-demand training options.

Professional Drupal training

Helidon offers professional training classes, online tutorials & personalized training sessions for Drupal.

Drupal can have a tough learning curve for new developers, the aim of these sessions is to provide guidance and show how to avoid easy mistakes. At the end of the session, participants will feel comfortable starting a simple new module, and be able to explore further.

How to achieve real world goals?

Also, if you want to learn how to build your e-commerce website, or setup secure web server, we are here to help you with every step of the way with hands-on training. Sometimes the best way to learn a technical concept is by working with it in your own environment. From the moment we start new project based on Open Source technology, throughout the development process, our technical leads and developers are working closely with client contacts, telling them about new features as they become available and providing training on how to achieve real world goals.

This allows us to assess the quality of our work and ensure everyone knows how to use their site long before it is ready to be put into production. By the time we deliver a project, clients are equipped with the knowledge for how to get going full-speed using their solution.

On-demand training

Helidon Drupal and Linux Training is available when you need it, not when a class is scheduled. We provide flexible scheduling, on-demand training options, hands-on workshops to share best practices, and other forms of training to allow us to help you start running with the technology.

Training over the phone

In addition, we offer one-on-one phone training. Our training is very hands on. Not only do we explain the steps to maintain your website but you'll also gain the experience of adding and changing the content of your website while one the phone with one of our designers.

Keywords: Linux server

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