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By: Health Industry Insights  09-12-2011

IDC Health Insights research services deliver relevant, accurate and insightful analysis across multiple technology and business disciplines within the healthcare industry. Our advisory services provide a steady stream of insights, analysis, and advice throughout the year, so you have the information you need at your fingertips.

IDC Health Insights publishes a variety of research reports to help guide your business investments and plan for future technology needs.

A modular set of deliverables to assist healthcare and life science companies in extending their market reach, validate their market strategy, and produce more responsive customer-centric marketing campaigns.

The following IDC IT Advisory Tools are available:

  • This tool assists senior sourcing, procurement, and asset management professionals with competitive intelligence and market analysis. SmartAnalysis provides exacting peer pricing benchmarks and cost management insights, ensuring decision makers have actionable intelligence and objective data. IDC collects key data so buyers can set realistic, effective goals in custom peer benchmarks built specifically for their needs. Additionally, IDC provides insights into market drivers, sourcing strategies, price assurance strategies/tactics, asset management and disposition strategies, quarterly market assessments, and custom analysis for each customer.

  • SmartBuy dramatically simplifies the pricing and acquisition process of IT hardware, providing consistent, accurate, and timely pricing and specifications on thousands of systems and accessories. The data is refreshed daily. Having SmartBuy as a basis for negotiations can mean saving hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

  • This tool provides accurate fair market values on almost any IT hardware asset, based on the actual liquidity value and resale costs of the products in the market. It saves time and money when establishing financial terms for used IT hardware acquisitions, end-of-lease purchases, liquidation of IT assets, or analysis related to fair market value.

  • The SmartIndex tool is designed to ensure that buyers will maintain competitive pricing over the course of their contract with their IT supplier. The monthly or quarterly benchmark focuses on a buyer's specific system configurations, providing a comparison that buyers can use as a competitive market benchmark price on which to apply their volume discount. Also available are insights into peer discount levels appropriate for a given volume of purchase. IDC has been the de facto standard of price research in the marketplace for over 15 years and has saved companies millions of dollars on their IT hardware purchases.

Customized research projects executed for a small group of healthcare and vendor companies. These studies are highly detailed, and provide in-depth analysis and recommendations to the clients for which the study is conducted.

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