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By: Hargraft  09-12-2011

Hargraft Schofield LP has a passionate commitment to delivering service superior to that offered by any of our competitors. Here, you can read about the typical service

included with a Hargraft account, the nature and scope of our

and the

that protects our clients' confidential information.

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Hargraft - Service - features

Hargraft uses a quarterly formal performance review process to ensure that we are meeting our clients' expectations, to identify any areas of concern, and to update ourselves on the evolving needs and circumstances of our client companies. We strongly believe that building a long-term, consistent relationship with our clients enables us to better understand their business and service needs better.


Hargraft - Service - claims

In the event of a catastrophic loss, proactively negotiating on behalf of a favourable settlement. Assisting our clients as required in preparing and presenting claims information to insurers. Monitoring insurer response and the claims settlement process to ensure client satisfaction. Submitting any required supporting documentation in an efficient and timely fashion. Reviewing insurer claims reports for accuracy.


Hargraft - Solutions

Hargraft has the experience and knowledge required to design and access insurance protection for individuals with unique insurance requirements and complex. A primary contributor to business success is the intelligent identification, analysis, and understanding of the particular risks faced by any enterprise. At Hargraft, we welcome challenging accounts, whether complex in risk or international in geography.