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By: Harcourts  09-12-2011

Choir Gowns

Our gowns can be made in a variety of fabrics ranging from a lightweight Polyester Crepe, to a lush and durable Polyester Wool.  We have a wide range of colours and shades available.  Please contact us for more information, and we would be happy to mail you a custom choir package with swatches of our materials.

Our choir gowns are custom made and also made to measure.  Optional generic sizing is also available.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Junior Choir Gowns

Our Jr. Choir gowns are well known throughout the country for their fine appearance and workmanship. These gowns, usually made from a durable Polyester Cotton fabric, are well suited for junior choirs. The gowns are made to be pulled over the head, with Velcro fastenings at the back and gathered around the yoke. They are available in either a solid shade, or with a contrasting coloured yoke.

Choir Cassocks and Surplices

The Harcourts choir cassock has a tailored back with Velcro or Button front closure.  Most commonly they are made to measure, however we do have generic sizing available.  The cassocks are available in single or double breasted styles in a variety of fabric types and colours.  Contact us for more information to receive a custom choir package, or swatches of materials.

Our poly/cotton choir surplices and cottas are light weight and wrinkle resistant.  They are available in Traditional or Old English W/G styles.  The Traditional surplice has a round neck line and round sleeves that finish at the cuff.  Cottas have a square neck line and a Traditional sleeve.  The Old English W/G surplice has a round neck line and long flowing sleeves, most commonly the W/G surplices finishes longer than the Traditional surplice and is worn by Anglican Choirs.

Sizing for Junior Cassocks, surplices and cottas is also available.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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Academic Robes & Regalia – Harcourts, Ltd. – Official Robemakers and Tailors Since 1842

Canadian Universities generally follow the usage inherited from institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom and also the American tradition. The American Doctoral gown has a full bell sleeve with velvet front facings and sleeve chevrons. A traditional black mortarboard cap or tam is generally worn.


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Although the priests of ancient Judaism had elaborate sacerdotal vestments, prescribed in Exodus 28, these disappeared, along with the priestly function, after the destruction of the Temple in AD 70. All of these garments are of early Christian origin (the stole, alb, and chasuble were derived from 4th-century Roman dress) and had become the liturgical norm by the 10th century.


Information Request Form - Academic – Harcourts, Ltd. – Official Robemakers and Tailors Since 1842

We recommend that your measurements are taken by a tailor to ensure the accuracy of the information we are using to make your custom made garments. Measure around the neck at the collar, allowing two fingers of room between the neck and the tape measure for comfort. Sleeve measurements, along with chest measurements, correspond to mens' dress shirt sizes. The following information on how to take measurements is for information purposes only.


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The design and styling of these items has changed remarkabley over many centuries, however court attire that is currently worn originated in the late 17th century. Most countries in the British Commonwealth (who require robes be worn in the courtroom) consider proper legal dress to be comprised of four basic components. Barrister’s, Queen’s Counsel, Judges, and Justices of the Peace. Barrister’s or Queen’s Counsel and Judges design.


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We offer first communion and confirmation accessories for children to commemorate and remember this important day in their life. We offer the highest quality rental robes and accessories for your first communion and graduation ceremonies. We are one of the few companies that continue to offer First Communion and Confirmation gowns for rent. Harcourts has been a part of graduation and first communion ceremonies for generations.