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By: Happy Worker  09-12-2011

While we create many types of different items for our clients - making toys from scratch is a big playful passion of ours.

Toys amaze people. Packaging your brand in an eye catching, fun form always gets a reaction. It's this ability to surprise and delight that leaves a lasting impression with clients.

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Our clients tell us that their unique toys always turn heads and create delight. That’s because:

  • Toys are engaging and playful. Each time your customer picks up their toy, it creates another deep brand impression.

  • Toys are provoking. They cause prospects to interact and react.

  • Toy branding goes deep. Your marketing messages and brand are embodied in every part of the finished product: the toy, its name, <how it’s used>, and in the packaging.

  • Toys are collectable. The toys we create are designed to be played with over and over, and displayed forever.

We can create just about anything – but we never create just anything.

Each custom toy is designed from the ground up with your marketing messages in mind.

Turning your marketing into a fun, playful promotional product – the kind that stays in your prospect’s hands, on their desk and in their mind - takes innovation and creativity. And we pack lots of both into everything we make.

Classic toys are immediately recognizable because they’ve dominated pop culture for decades. We’re able to play off almost any classic toy, turning it into an interesting new creation for our clients that tap into the instant recognition with their customers and builds on it.

If you imagine creating your own custom “Mr. Potato Head”, “Scrabble”, “Slinky”, “Legos”, “Gi-Joe”, or “Barbie Doll”, we’ll take inspiration from its form, playability and functionality to create a brand new toy, just for you. Note we’ll never copy a classic outright. Instead, we’ll reinvent it with a fun twist based on your brand and your message.

Since each toy we make together is completely customized, we have the ability to choose its functions and capabilities, depending on your needs and goals. While some toys we create are meant solely for display purposes, most are playable. They move, rotate, bend, stack, stick, hang, roll, talk, jump… you get the picture!

  • We’ll strategically choose the best materials for your toy, its uses and its user.

  • Colors are always chosen with care to suit the toy, its package and your message.

Your toy packaging is as strategically designed and manufactured as the toy itself. We can provide all design and copywriting services, or act in a supporting role for you and your creative team.

Different types of packaging we’ve created for our clients include:

  • Custom designed blister cards

  • Clamshells / full blisters, including re-sealable varieties

  • Window boxes

  • Custom printed polybags

  • Clear acrylic display boxes

Packaging Finishing Touches

We can customize the final packaging and finishing steps down to the smallest detail so that your toys are right on target. This includes options like:

  • Direct mail - creating complete direct mail pieces, tightly integrating the toy and mailer box

  • Trade shows - customizing the package and/or toy so it’s easy to wear or carry around a trade fair floor

  • Retail options - including common retail product options like hang tabs or dangling tags, UPC codes, stickers, and point-of-sale displays

  • Marketing literature - including reply cards, brochures and sales rep business cards either attached to, inside, or as part of the packaging

While we can create between 1 and 1 million toys, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • As with anything, the fewer toys we create at one time, the less cost effective pricing becomes

  • For reasonable pricing, we prefer to create toys in the 1000’s of units and up

  • The toys we create together will have an impact. Usually the uses and demand for the toys is greater than our clients anticipate. For budgeting purposes, it’s better to make more toys at once than

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