By: Hairless Laser Clinic  09-12-2011
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                   HAIR LESS LASER CLINIC AND MED SPA       
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Laser Genesis is a great way to reduce pore size and even out skin tone. In addition it is also used to help treat rosacea . It  is FDA APPROVED for fine lines and wrinkles. 
What will happen during the treatment
Treatment of the entire face and neck will take about 45 to 60 min,and the patient will feel a warming sensation. Laser Genesis is painless and is considered to be a lunch time procedure and  there is no down time.

How many treatments are required
Each patient is different as all individuals are looking for different results, typically you will need 6 treatments. 
What skin conditions does this treatment assist with
Acne Scarring 
Enlarged Pores 
Facial Redness (Rosacea) 
Fine Lines and Wrinkels
Vein therapy delivers pulses of light energy, causing the blood to coagulate and eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body. Blood  flow will then be redirected to viens deeper below your skin`s surface.
How many treatments are required

Some veins may disappear on the first session but most individuals require more than one session depending on size and color of vein
Laser hair removal is the easiest way to rid you of unwanted hair. Other methods of hair removal (e.g. waxing, plucking, etc.) are slow, painful and do not offer a long lasting reduction of unwanted hair because the hair quickly grows back. With laser hair removal the hair follicle is damaged, so the FOLLICLE WILL NEVER PRODUCE HAIR AGAIN. Even if the follicle is partially damaged, the hair will only grow back much, much weaker.
How many treatments are required
Treatment amounts do vary from person to person as well all areas do respond differently. Due to hair follicle cycle growth. Most people will require 6 treatments to see a peremenent reduction.The tedious nature of electrolysis hair removal may be its biggest drawback, apart from the cost. It also requires that the patient have several treatments, no matter how much or how little hair is being removed, because of the cyclical way in which hair grows from its root. Localized redness and swelling are common after the procedure. Scabbing and skin discolorations are possible in the short term after the procedure as well. Electrolysis is also the only PERMENENT method of hair removal!!!!!Most clients will choose to combine bothe laser and electrolysis for the best results.
How many treatments are required
A consultation is required to give an approximate number of treatments.

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