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By: Gutter Pros Canada  24-02-2013
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Have you noticed your eavestrough or gutter's are detached from your home or fascia board and they look like they may fall off and cause damage around your home? We specialize in completed eavestrough repair, downspout repair and gutter repair service for every drainware system on any home or building. If your eavestrough is overflowing, downspout is detached, your gutter is hanging damaged or your eavstrough corner is dripingn we can fix it! Some of our services include eavestrough realignment, eavestrough resecuring, eavestrough resloping, leaky corner sealing, caulking and downspout rerouting. A damaged or detached eavestrough is very important to fix as it stops the flow of water and creates a heavy strain at the point of detachment. This will cause the water to overflow into your roofline leaking into your home cause sealing water stains. The water will also overflow and sit at your foundation line causing your foundation to crack eventually causing basement leaks, which will cause thousand of dollar's to repair/waterproof. A working eavestrough will eliminate all possible leak's and further un-necessary expenses to your home as well as peace-of-mind!

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Leaf Guard - Eavestrough Protection from Gutter Pros Canada thumbnail

Leaf Guard - Eavestrough Protection

The T-Rex is a continuous fastening system for eavestroughs. It mounts your rain gutters solidly on your home, making them much sturdier and more long-lasting that those mounted with spikes and hangers spaced at intervals. The T-Rex continuous fastening system protects your eavestroughs from damage caused by snow and ice.

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Seamless Eavestrough

Over the year's with the change or weather, ice damning and major down pour's, your eavestrough suffer's major strain that eventually your eavestrough becomes detached from the fascia rafter board. This causes your eavestrough to overflow and eventually rot out the fascia wood and leak in to your roofline. Install new eavestrough with hanger bracket's will keep your eavestrough strong through the winter and keep your fascia board dry and unweathered