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Don’t worry Open Source Software Developers, You’re safe to read on this is for you too!

I think I’ll start this post with something near and dear to all Web Developers and Designers, jQuery. This amazing JavaScript framework is definitely something you’ve at least heard of, used once, or have fallen completely in love with. Microsoft originally started developing their own framework (known formerly as Atlas, and more recently as ) until they noticed the community was still leaning more towards jQuery. Microsoft has since started to convert their existing ASP.NET AJAX tools to jQuery and have began to Contribute to the jQuery project. Recently it was announced that Microsoft has made their first contribution to the jQuery Framework, a Client-Side Template plug-in, (currently in beta).  Microsoft has also placed the scripts on their Content Delivery Network (CDN) which are available in both and versions.

Web Camps TV on Channel 9

Channel 9 is the first stop for any developer on the Microsoft Stack to learn how to leverage new products or to see previews of products that are in the works (but publicly announced) and almost ready for release. Their slogan: “Seen First on Channel 9” re-enforces the fact that it is packed with rich, fresh content.

Script Junkie

Script Junkie provides cross-browser solution-based code examples for , and . There is also a where it is possible to contribute an Article to the site or read articles from other community members that have contributed.

With contributors such as , , , and other industry notables, content is guaranteed to be timely and relevant. Not to mention, you’ll be learning the latest techniques from industry experts.

Microsoft Web Platform

To wrap up this post, there really is no other site to point out but the site. The Microsoft Web Platform is a very large encompassing body which includes Hosting (Servers), Technologies, Tools, Web Applications, Communities, Programs and Blogs. There are three main areas of the web platform in particular that I would like to call out.

The Programs

One of the biggest challenges when starting a business is the incredible cost of the tools you need to Develop software for your clients. Microsoft offers 2 programs which help to offset the cost of starting a business.

Website Spark


The Tools

I know what you’re thinking, ugh Microsoft tools are so expensive. Well put away your pocket books, these tools are free!

Express Tools

The express tools are “limited” versions of their full-featured counterparts. Don’t let the limited fool you, you still have access to a very useful features in each tool.

Web Matrix

Web Matrix includes a rich code editor that allows you to develop both ASP.NET and PHP applications, a webserver (IIS Express) for testing your creations locally, a database engine (SQL Server Compact) for creating or leveraging data driven websites or web applications.

Also included is a built-in publishing support for FTP, FTPS,and Web Deploy; an SEO tool which provides guidance on how to make your site more visible to search engines, as well as code helpers to alleviate common task like social media integration.

The Toolkits

Just as Web Matrix has some code helpers, Microsoft has a number of to speed up the development process including Social Networking, Bing Maps, Bing Search, REST Services and Mobile Web Applications.

If you’re interested in Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) the offers up a new world of controls, components and utilities to add new functionality to an already stunning Platform.


There are many resources and tools in the Microsoft realm which may not be widely known, but they are here for you to leverage. Hopefully you have found a useful tool or website from this post which has enabled you to deliver a project quicker or with less pain. If you have any other resources that I haven’t outlined in this post, please leave a comment below to share your secret tool belt item.

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