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By: Groundworksdesign  09-12-2011

Planning is creative problem-solving with the broadest perspective in mind. This process takes the analysis for a site, projects into the future, and fills in all the gaps. It also involves establishing a concise set of goals and priorities for the project.

The participation of the client and all the interested parties is crucial for this process. Whether this entails a single home-owner or an entire municipality, we'll make sure all the important questions are answered in order to develop a vision that is attractive, efficient, feasible, and sustainable.

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Mr. James is widely recognized as one of Ontario's most knowledgeable ornithologists and he is actively consulting in the field of ecology throughout Ontario and certain parts of Canada. For projects with a particular need for environmental analysis, we collaborate with the expertise of Ross D. James, PhD. Sites have many existing considerations: topography, inhabitants, activities, viewsheds, external influences, etc.